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Dear Julia,

Norman has a real risk of experiencing what Dr Tegwyn Williams did for me, on behalf of the South Wales Police, to kill me off.

Now please listen:

Leeds Authorities, managed from Whitehall, will do a similar tactic to what Dr Tegwyn Williams did to me, below, i.e.:

a. Use  Masonic connections to get his tame Masonic nurse, in Caswell Clinic (Leeds prison), to influence a peer group,  1st Sept 2009 meeting of many forensic psychiatrists, to write the following piece of nonsense: Nurse Report

b. And then Dr Tegwyn Williams, or Leeds equivalent, writes an idiotic Crown Court report, completely contrary to  Leeds or two Bridgend Radiologists' reports: 31st Aug 2009 Dr G Tudor and Radiologist Report 1st Sept 2009

c. That's how I got away from it. BUT, as with my ten bent Cardiff Crown Court judges, Norman Scarth, before fellow brethren, runs the similar real risk of being locked away for the rest of his shortish life...


Do not, otherwise, worry about GB prisons. They are an absolute disgrace to  taxpayer, the elderly and law abiding citizens being more like a Butlins' holiday camp with colour television, good food, small library and peace to roll a ‘ciggy' and reflect.

Norman's serious problems will be;

    1. his age, health and current state of Leeds prison,
      2. finding someone intelligent to talk to,
        3. the sheer paucity of a decent newspaper even after his daily rummage through the dustbins,
          4. worse, his being blocked easy access to communicate by phone or letter with the outside world.

            5. If you are a prison visitor remember you are searched and neither Norman or you can carry a pen or paper to write anything down .....all part of the blackmail to fuel the 'gravy train' by 'employing' a lawyer who shares out the proceeds with HM.  

            6. Please, everyone, send your telephone number to Norman... He cannot remember them in his head. If arrested without them on his person he has to also remember your full address!!!! He has to first have them registered with your full address and post code and limited to a few, but he can rotate them each week. But, using his prisoner number A1903CF, you can also send him an email via Email a Prisoner.

            Visits may be as low as one or two a week, maximum and while standing in a queue, for the only working phone is legendary. He will, undoubtedly, be locked up just as the phone comes available.

            [I, having been a boarder at Taunton School, a public school, prison for me, otherwise, was a doddle!]

              7. The real danger is the State standard 'treacle treatment' did not work on Norman; so what is serious is the extent of day to day HM blackmail that will be inflicted on him as a prisoner, his refusing to be 'legally' represented. HM Authorities will be trying to play their 'Gulag card' and get him sectioned, first on a 35, of the 1983 Mental Health Act and then for an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) to Broadmoor.
                8. Please understand they first ignore your complaints of the government or law courts. Then they ridicule your complaints and if that does not stop you, they will play the ‘Gulag card', publically stating you are ‘mad' and lock you away.
                  9. If you are still a threat and ‘in side' or when you come out, like Norman and a few others I know, the State will try and ‘snuff you out'. Stalin relied on two bullets in the back of the head but the State is now far more subtle in eliminating a voice in the wilderness.

                  Dr Tegwyn Williams is my local villain and in the pockets of the South Wales Police but that does not stop HM Court Service, up in the Midlands, finding a similarly evil level 12 forensic psychiatrist to also lie in court, with immunity to prosecution, to have Norman to Broadmoor.

                  It was, incidentally, part of Dr Tegwyn Williams' very argument in Cardiff County Court, on Friday, when asking for my Particulars of Claim for one million pound damages, to be struck out....he has Crown Court immunity to lie, it is just his 'opinion' even when he is not even qualified to report his opinion of the brain scans! 

                  Ah, but we hear,, he relied on some masonic mate of his from Swansea University, a Professor Rodger Wood, 2nd Defendant, a psychologist lecturer, so that's alright, boyo.

                  Can the British Constitution Group help us?



                  McKenzie Angels', in their T shirts, out in force!

                  29th July 2011 Dr Tegwyn Williams Strike-Out Hearing

                  Well, the first and lasting impression for me of that memorable court encounter was, as a tax payer, the lengths to which the NHS (Wales) are prepared to spend just to protect a rogue doctor and regime of cover up.

                  First, there was the HM prison Cardiff, as the 4th Defendant, talking for strike out  and who had earlier been successful in overturning an earlier £50,000 judgment for my false imprisonment back in 2008 and was, arguably, ongoing and therefore an abuse, if accepted by the judge, if  incorporated in this one million pound machine gun imprisonment litigation of 2009.

                  Dr Tegwyn Williams' 3rd August 2009 1st psychiatric report on me, in the Cardiff prison, for Judge Cooke QC, was written with no communication with his victim and contrary to various psychiatric reports from others written at the time.

                  This is the exact tactic they are likely to use on Norman now he is locked up.

                  Each psychiatrist, in my case, had clearly indicated my apparent mental exhaustion was from 20 years of South Wales Police bullying and the Cardiff County Court's ‘treacle treatment' to first delay and now refuse a jury trial. It was, as the CAA psychiatrists, at Gatwick, stating a year later, following my lease from custody, my case to consider whether I was fit to fly now to Everest or Table Top, was definitely not a ‘psychiatric issue'.

                  The 3rd Defendant, this Friday, for the NHS, was a Mr Paul Williams correctly not a Defendant now as he had, meantime, been promoted to another Welsh NHS department. That did not stop the Cardiff solicitor, mind you, claiming three and a half more than the Treasury Solicitor being represented that day.

                  The Cardiff solicitor said the NHS costs were so high because I had complained to every department imaginable, while terrifed for three months in South Wales Police forensic unit awaiting a life sentence (whilst unconvicted). Apparently the Welsh Assembly were 'bothered' by my complaints, at one point. Oh, perish the thought.

                  Despite my contacting these Cardiff solicitors, as soon as they were identified in these proceedings, they claimed almost seven thousand pounds for a few hours work! It was a classic example of the day to day criminal conduct committed by too many lawyers, nowadays, protected by the ‘Memorandum of Understanding' and the Royal Charter given to the Law Society, I think in 1845.

                  The 1st Defendant, Dr Tegwyn Williams, represented by an entourage of ‘legalese' in skirts, including police agents taking a watching brief, argued that my £800 petty debt case, earlier this year for bus fares wasted, my trying to retrieve my medical records, four times, promised from his Caswell Clinic laboratory of forensic science, duplicated this one million pound claim.

                  So the barrister launched into applying to the High Court for a ‘Vexatious Litigant Order' on me, even suggesting it be before a circuit judge by the name of HHJ Seys Llewellyn that will be fun.

                  The case is adjourned for about 6 weeks, but you are all invited to hear ‘chapter and verse' on how the Welsh Authorities knowingly used 10 Cardiff judges, headed by evil Nicholas Cooke, to keep me locked up for nearly eight months on the pretext, they damned well knew were lies, all reliant on Dr Tegwyn Williams stating I had ‘significant brain damage', contrary to the two experts' opinion of Bridgend hospital and that I may have a ‘brain tumour' making me far too dangerous ever to be let out. Cooke et al read the Doctor's report that I should be transferred to Ashworth high security psychiatric prison, most likely for life.

                  That is exactly what the State is now considering for Norman, please believe me.

                  Remember, Voltaire said something like, "When the State gets it wrong, it is dangerous to be right".

                  So who's for demonstrating outside Leeds Prison in a less orthodox manner? I say this as I recently published, on blog, I had bought a 'firearm' or was it a 'machine gun'?  I forget which, but anyway, the Cardiff police failed in their attempt to fully interview me on the matter as there was a possible suggestion of there going to be 'blood on the streets of Cardiff'. That is truly 'in the cards' but they have now expressed their disinterest, as I may have named the wrong city from where wide spread protest is now more likely to break out.

                  PS.  I assume someone has organised for Norman to get a proper newspaper each day, a Daily Telegraph perhaps?