Video: A Den of Evil - Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth in court 28/6/2011 

World War 2 veteran, of HMS Standfast sinking of the Scharnhorst and  campaigner  against the  corruption in English and Welsh  Judicial System, that is now rife and  where the General Public do not realise just what is going on!

Nearly all the Judgments are written out before the hearing has even taken place, especially if politically sensitive. Pensioner Norman Scarth has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for recording in court without permission. All mail sent to prisoners is vetted and censored and every word must be checked. To show your support please send  anything, telephone directories, books, magazines, old Shopping Catalogs, old newspapers, any old WW1 machine guns you may have lying about to:  

Norman Scarth
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(PS Norman, I have commissioned, without the requisite planning permission, for the first tunnel to be dug)

'Mindset' of South Wales Police

A topical sample of what Norman is fighting about

Paragraph 10 of 25th July 2011 Welsh court "note of judgment" could not be further from the truth and the trial judge very well knows it.

It was Mr Kirk, not legal services, police or the court who made the court application.  In October 08 Mr Kirk had been refused the disclosure of the identity of police at incidents involving him and his veterinary practice, incident numbers, progress and findings of his numerous reported thefts, burglaries, criminal damage and arson etc on his practice cars and  property. 

Not one of some 40 odd incidents were properly addressed by the police and disclosed to the injured party.

The parting management judge, HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC, having granted Mr Kirk a jury trial, earlier, only for police to have it overturned, therefore ORDERED the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and no one else, was to swear and sign, within the first week of January 2009, an affidavit that Mr Kirk had had full disclosure!

Mr Kirk knew, that early October 08, when he posted the application his life would now be seriously threatened and so took the necessary precautions, particularly within his family to safeguard further loss likely to occur. The inevitable collateral damage was obvious once the proverbial '*** hit the fan'.

The police ignored the judge's court order to disclose information of incidents, of course, in a similar fashion as witnessed throughout the past 20 years of this litigation. Ms Wilding, however, promptly handed in her resignation.

It was not until Mr Kirk entered the police lawyer's offices, Dolmans, some six or seven weeks after the court order dead line, he stating the arrest of Ms Wilding if she did not immediately sign. She signed the false affidavit within the hour!

Contrary to 25th July 2011 judgment no police took Mr Kirk to Bridgend police station on 18th June 2009..... He went of his own volition and made a detailed statement of complaint because the police at HQ refused. His complaint at their other police station was promptly shredded.

Dolmans were asked to quickly write a statement of complaint on the 20th, in order to arrest Mr Kirk using an armed police helicopter raid on Mr Kirk's home. On the following day, with 20 odd men, some armed for back up, hoards of police surrounded the premises as Mr Kirk and his family was having tea in the garden.

Operation Chalice was, within minutes of helicopter overhead aborted only to repeat the whole exercise, the next day, 22ndJune2009!

Next day police included ‘Operation Orchid', in the dawn raid, using a 2nd squat team to snatch, Genevieve, Mr Kirk's then 10 year old daughter, on the pretext of the dreaded welsh social  services opinion, reliant on falsified Dr Tegwyn Williams psychiatric reports, made her environment far too dangerous to remain with either her mother or father.

South Wales Police had been promised the support of a string of bent Welsh judges, in the cartel, to keep Mr Kirk locked. It was the machine gun trial judge, the thoroughly deceitful Paul Thomas QC who, apart from many other abuses of Article 6, refused Mr Kirk the right to ask just why the two raids on his house was needed and why one at all, when the police knew, all the time, there was no WW1 Lewis machine gun in his possession?

Para10, is just an example of police drafted documents riddled with deliberate lies, this time backed by another head of the current incestuous Welsh judiciary, this time in the civil sector. Are you surprised, after following the disgusting conduct of Nicholas Cooke QC, Recorder of Cardiff, caught on tape, attempting to lock Mr Kirk away without trial?

It was from that very day, 25th Feb 2009, MAPPA and Dr Tegwyn Williams were mobilized by the Crown Prosecution Service and the South Wales Police, with their introducing spurious excuses  to set me up to be shot.  By using this carefully picked local trial judge, it is assured that certain past incidents and court cases, identifying 20 years of covert police surveillance and court corruption, none of it will ever reach a witness box.

Dolmans, solicitors, even printed out, in the affidavit, the Chief Constable had ‘no knowledge of court cases' and even the incident when police used a crow bar and sledge hammer to break into Mr Kirk's veterinary surgery when they could have just asked for a key! A squad of police had put back an apparently evicted police inspector's daughter that had been squatting in the flat overhead with a man involved in drugs. 

This trial judge has tried to fool the website readers, in his judgment, by stating  that the police did not commence 24/7 armed protection of Wilding until after Mr Kirk's 18th June 2009 detailed complaint of perversion of justice, at Bridgend police station.

He has just refused to release MAPPA minutes identifying the very names ,dates and places of the conspiracy to kill...that is how evil these judges are in Wales really are and no one is doing anything about it

Norman is, mind you but the politicians, most culpable continue to turn a blind eye and sit on their hands waiting for their pension.

 Immediately after Mr Kirk's entry to the inner sanctum of Wilding's office block, to exchange witness statements, right inside the Bridgend police HQ heavily guarded compound, he was, much later, surrounded by a heavily armed flack jacketed squat team, in tin hats, brandishing automatic weapons and stun and smoke grenades around their belts. 

Now readers may understand why Elizabeth Paul, a seasoned social worker or another from Caswell Clinic, Bridgend Psychiatric prison leaked part of the MAPPA minutes of 8th June 2009 shedding more light on the conspiracy to having Mr Kirk shot. If that failed Dr Tegwyn Williams was at hand to having me, whilst unconvicted, locked away for life in Ashworth high security psychiatric prison

Norman Scarth knows this language only too well which is why he needs your help, NOW, before they try playing, on him, their ‘Gulag card' to be locked away for life. 

Only this morning, 28th July, my 4th general practice in just over 12 months, trying to get sight of myown  medical records has failed.

Following the South Wales Police plot to getting me shot and Dr Tegwyn Williams employed to falsify my records in his Gulag prison the NHS (Wales) is running scared instead of giving proper disclosure of just what else went on, in Caswell Clinic, with a string of bent judge, police and a rogue doctor to fail their mission.

Who will be next, Norman?

It more than stinks, doesn't it?

It is time we took to the streets with ‘Lawful Rebellion'... and that means YOU!  Tel 0790 793 7953