In the next hour I am publishing the situation in the UK, as I see it, I hasten to add, of just how people like Norman Scarth RN Rtd with an excessive prison sentence and totally frustrated as to how the criminals in our courts are so protected by Royal Charters, the Musa family with six children stolen by Haringey Council, Vicky Haigh denied her child and many others who are all at the mercy of 'HM Partnership', based on completely outdated Royal Charters, one of which, the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, has blocked my right to practice veterinary surgery for the rest of my life.

The daily deceit and intrigue, ignoring all basic principles of law, going on in our courts, by those supposedly in charge cross the country, has become quite intolerable.

Just for starters:

This following statement to an apparently deaf and dumb appendage of our current government as to where the problem lies, is a stark reminder of things to come. It will be the indigenous part of our population, next time, that will rise to arms and cause blood on our streets.


Duty Inspector,
The Metropolitan Police,
New Scotland Yard,
London SW1H 0BG

21st August 2011

Dear Sir,

Complaint against South Wales Police

I wish to submit a complaint against the South Wales Police for perverting the course of justice and their attempt to having me shot, as attempted murder, by their own armed police unit, ‘defending' the then, Chief Constable, Ms Barbara Wilding, claiming I was eligible for MAPPA level 3, terrorist status..

Do I also make a further complaint to my French police as they are already aware of the serious situation documented in my asylum application papers, shortly to be heard in the Paris court?

Further to my detailed 63 page witness statement I enclose my latest one which contains new evidence. This indicates police officers tampered with my WWI decommissioned Lewis machine gun after it was sold in order that it could discharge a live round. Hence it would appear I was in breach of the 1968 Fire Arms Act.

Evidence from refused prosecution disclosure, prior and during the 2009 Cardiff trial and that obtained by cross examination, further indicates this week's new evidence:

A significant number of police officers of high rank are implicated. There are many eye witnesses to support my statement.

I request urgent action, as my life may still be in danger.

Yours faithfully,


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Alun Cairns MP

Puits aux Papillions
St Doha, 22230 Merdrignac , France

Telephone: UK 07907937953 Brittany 0033296258451


Send the Musa Family back Home to Nigeria - WITH their Children!