I have just been released from police cells only to be admitted into hospital for abdominal investigations. I enclose part of what I think is going on by the part prepared affidavit below. This is only my current draft preparation for a final sworn affidavit, when I am well enough, to account for my most recent bullying by the South Wales Police. 28th August 2011  

Police Steal my Computer and Original Witness Statements to further Pervert the Course of Justice

Imprisonment from 22nd June 2009 to 9th February 2010

Replica Machine Gun Indictments

1. I, Maurice John Kirk, wish to state that on 23rd August 2011, at 10.20am, was outside Cardiff Central Police Station informing my solicitor as to my newly obtained witness information indicating that South Wales Police had modified prosecution Exhibit 1, a replica WW1 Lewis machine gun, before using it in my 2009 Cardiff Crown Court trial to obtain a mandatory 10 year prison sentence.

2. I was en route to the County Court in relation to my three imminent September Court of Appeal hearings re MAPPA failed disclosure, police ‘shoot to kill' policy and nearly 20 years of malicious prosecutions, false imprisonments and deliberate failure to properly investigate crime committed on me, my family, staff and property associated with my veterinary hospital. The police bullying continues today. I wanted to go onto to my GP due to an ongoing illness, possibly requiring hospitalisation.

3. I entered the police station and asked, for the 4th time in as many weeks, for whoever was in charge of a related 22nd July 2011 incident when I had been interviewed by police following my having recently purchased a fire arm they saw on my website, www.kirkflyingvet.com.

Falsified Psychiatric Reports and ‘Significant Brain Damage'

4. I also asked to see the acting inspector who had taken my 5th July 2011 three hour complaint concerning a Dr Tegwyn Williams telling judges I had ‘significant brain damage', possible brain tumour and too dangerous for release. This related to his questionable association with the South Wales Police using him with his false psychiatric reports to have me locked me up for nearly eight months - clearly because their 'shoot to kill' policy against me had, to date, failed.

Failed MAPPA Disclosure

5. This relationship was further recently revealed in Dr Tegwyn Williams' own leaked MAPPA minutes from Caswell Clinic, Bridgend where police and he or his staff were in attendance at seven of the eight MAPPA meetings. The first MAPPA meeting was held on the 8th June 2009 in Barry police station when the ‘shoot to kill policy' was again agreed.

New Fire Arm Allegation

6. There was again no police officer available to speak to in the police station foyer but, at last, I did manage to obtain the incident's designated ‘occurrence number', thereby identifying police in the purported fire arm investigation.

7. After being refused access to speak to any of those officers, yet again, I asked the female receptionist, behind the plate glass window, whether I would have to shoot the Mayor of Cardiff in order to be able to speak to a police officer?

8. The duty inspector, a Richard Moorcroft, eventually arrived and I asked if I could be shown to an interview room to continue my complaints of 5th July.

Content of New Lincolnshire Witness Statements

9. I outlined the evidence in the new witness statements, some brought with me, which indicate the following and requiring urgent police action:

a. The seized replica machine gun was painted black all over, save the brown wooden stock, when I had sold it in June 2008 and later collected by the owner's wife, on 17th August, at Cardiff airport.

b. Within days of the replica gun arriving at the air museum, in Lincolnshire, it was re-painted, before the new owner bolted it back onto the nose of the DH2 replica aircraft.

c. The distinctive round ammunition magazine was painted, by the new owner, from black to silver.

d. The new owner also stated that the barrel was blocked. He also assumed that it had been part of the original decommissioning carried out in around 1977, to make it legal, before it was attached to the biplane for air displays.

e. The new owner, whilst painting the magazine silver, was witnessed by several in the hangar some of which feature in the new statements.

f. These statements further confirm that when the police seized the replica, on the day of my 22nd June 2009 arrest, the magazine colour was still in silver.

g. About two months later, when reexamined with police in attendance, the new owner states the barrel was no longer blocked, since he had been able to pass a wire from muzzle to breach head. Police told him they had just fired a 410 shot gun cartridge with it.

h. In Cardiff Crown court trial the prosecution had presented a video film, taken from my website, of my carrying the replica in August 2009, just days before its collection by the new owner's wife. The magazine on the replica appeared on the video as black.

i. After the trial, the police returned the replica gun to its owner, but the magazine was now painted back to silver and a picture of such now appears on my website.

10. I explained to the inspector in Cardiff police station that during cross examination of police, in the trial, no one has prepared to account for the exact movements of the replica whilst countless South Wales Police, often single handed, hawked it almost 2000 miles around the United Kingdom in attempts to obtain proof, when I owned the replica, that it contravened the 1968 Fire Arms Act.

11. On his hearing of the new evidence the inspector's face appeared to go white and he left the room, but not without his bound book recording parts of our conversation. The other police officer present also had made notes, both of which may now be difficult to recover.

Arrested for ‘Threats to Kill'

12. At 11am I was arrested for alleged 'threats to kill' (the Mayor of Cardiff!) and taken to Cardiff Bay Police Station cells.

Refused Right to have Someone Notified of my Custody

13. I was refused the right to have someone contacted and informed of my custody promptly. Because of that, the person, whose name and number I gave, did not become aware of the circumstances until nearly two days later and I was unable to bring my witnesses.

Current Medical Condition

14. My current medical condition had worsened with the passing of blood no doubt bleeding from the upper alimentary tract. The doctor who then examined me in custody said I needed further investigation in hospital assuming my release that night. When eventually released and owing to my worsening condition I was, in fact, admitted to hospital and held overnight. I was refused a doctor in the magistrates cell or a nurse.

Oppose Bail to Interfere with Court of Appeal Hearings

15. At 3am the police sergeant refused me bail from their cells reliant on a huge amount of documents, prepared much earlier. I was denied a copy, suggesting I would abscond to France by personally flying out of the country, I presume flaunting all the aviation regulations on the way.

16. Following interrogation through the night on the matter of ‘threats to kill' it was promptly followed by another charge being considered, that of harassment of a Dr Tegwyn Williams. He had made a statement in rebuttal on the 6th July following the approach by police over my written complaint of falsifying my medical evidence the day before. My statement of complaint contained further information to the police that if I was not shot or receive a 10 year prison sentence I would, at least be sent to Broadmoor for life (IPP - Imprisonment for Public Protection). Police continue with their enquiries in order to bring some charge or other.

Refused to take Defendant's Written Statement

17. The police, as with the ‘threats to kill' charge, repeatedly refused to take a written statement from me, when I was trying to avoid any ambiguity of the truth.

Refused Right to Speak to Solicitor or Call Witnesses 

18. 27th August 2011. Having been unable to speak to my witnesses from the police cells, to have them for the hearing, I attempted to speak on the phone to a solicitor from outside the area. I was now transferred to the court cells but was refused a direct confidential telephone call. The solicitor, however, was informed of my custody, but nearly two hours away and without instructions to act.

19. What I did not know, when I entered the court room in hand cuffs, was that the solicitor had spoken, in that short time, to the court and had understood the CPS, during the small hours of the morning, had objected to the ‘threats to kill' charge, clearly only dreamed up by the police to keep me locked up for months, again to affect my ongoing civil proceedings against them.

20. So the police reduced the charge to a Section 4 Public Order offence which, in turn, was again reduced by the prosecutor in court after receiving more facts as to what actually happened.

Refused copy of New Charge

21. I was quickly offered the Section 5 for pleading but refused a copy to read.

Refused Communication with Solicitor

22. I asked to speak to my solicitor, in the sudden change of circumstances but was refused.

Blackmailed to Plead Guilty

23. There was an indication given that, if I pleaded ‘not guilty' the CPS would no longer proceed but if not, I ran the risk of prolonged period on remand again and no early return of my computer and papers - all needed for the Court of Appeal preparation with the hearings due to be heard in September.

24. The police had, I believe, unlawfully taken my court papers and computer from my locked car (after I was arrested) to destroy the original witness statements from Lincolnshire. PC Paul Williams said I could have the computer and court papers back as soon as the ‘threats to kill' case was finalised.

25. I therefore pleaded guilty. But police intrigue appeared again when the CPS then produced a PNC forensic history report on me significantly different to the version that a Derrick Hassan of South Wales Police had prepared for Dr Tegwyn Williams when it went before nine 2009 Cardiff Crown Court judges, considering my bail applications.

26. Mr Derrick Hassan, on 2nd November 20010, had also given evidence, in my absence, (Judicial Review in October), of my committing a ‘common assault', after he had pushed me down the court steps on my crutches which led to my admission to hospital with a suspected fractured leg. A plethora of medical evidence explaining my not attending, accepted by other courts, was withheld from the sitting District Judge.

27. I asked to return to my cell as I was not well but insisted I give mitigation in court once the correct PNC printout had been established (for my private prosecution against Dr Williams, the papers currently with the Recorder of Cardiff and Cardiff Magistrates, for too many weeks now, to list for a hearing). I left the court and asked the custody officer in charge to ensure the court knew I had changed my plea to ‘not guilty' as my Court of Appeal and bail was paramount.

28. I returned to the cells to be informed later I had received a £50 fine in my absence. I also now had time to read prosecution papers sent in by duty solicitor indicating even the two statements of receptionist and Inspector Moorcroft contradicted the main issue and the latter having written I had admitted the offence of ‘threats to kill'!

PC Paul Williams withholds Computer and Witness Statements

29. On release I rang the police officer with the computer who was amazed I had pleaded ‘guilty', expecting to have the computer bag withheld for months, just like during the machine gun case, anything to prolong the unaccountable police bullying.

30. He reluctantly agreed to return the contents of my computer case, but on my arrival at the police station he refused to return the computer, scanner, camera accessories etc and Lincolnshire statements offering only an empty bag. He demanded a signature for it or I could not have the empty bag.

31. This then led to a scuffle fighting over the empty bag requiring some eleven police officers filling the Cardiff Bay Police Station foyer until I eventually managed to pull off them without the need for a signature.

Here's a message from a Police Officer after Maurice was arrested on the "support blog".

To be continued after I have next visited the police station to demand my property back, including original witness statements.