Once again, you can only believe it when you see or hear it. Otherwise, you can't imagine that it could HAPPEN:

He went to report how the police had fiddled evidence. The Inspector went white.

They arrested him with Threats to Kill. They made up a story that Maurice had threatened to kill the mayor of Cardiff. His case was heard in Court this morning in his absence.

They changed charges from threats to kill to Section 4 and changed it again to Section 5 and eventually a fine of £50, without giving him a copy of the charges.

They denied him a lawyer. Inspector dealing with it is Inspector Moorcroft. There is also a PC Paul Williams. When he went to his car parked outside the Police Station his door was open and his computer and Appeal papers had been stolen - right outside the PS.

He has gone back in now to argue that the Police has taken it - for they don't want the civil action for damages to progress, let along the new evidence about the machine gun - and do ANYTHING to cover up.

They admitted they took the computer and he's trying another police station with another inspector to "lay the information" about the new evidence he gathered in Lincolnshire...