A detailed account of the 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court affair, between HM Authorities and the medical profession, in the absence of their target

A. Dr Tegwyn Williams had been in court, possibly since 10.30am and had revealed the prisoner's confidential medical history with the CPS (South Wales Police) and others, supplying the Prosecution barrister, Mr Richard Twomlow, with both his new medical evidence but also, even, the medical report from Dr Edward Silva of Ashworth high security prison, obtained only by court order. So who invited Dr Williams to attend?

B. His Honour Judge Bidder QC refused Dr Williams' and the Crown Prosecution's recommendations that the prisoner should be sent to Ashworth, IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) due to his 'significant brain damage' and possibly a tumour.The judge, instead, had to refuse due to the 1983 Mental Health Act, for Section 41etc, committals, requiring, not one but two level 12 forensic psychiatrists to agree.

C.  During the June 09 armed police raid, when the prisoner was first jailed, a second team of police officers had been assigned to obtain a prepared witness statement, from his wife, under the very real Social Services threat on their ten year old daughter, to the affect that her husband had a ‘history of mental disorder', thus requiring only one doctor's signature for committal. This would avoid the embarrassment of a dubious, if not concocted trial for the alternative long prison sentence.

D. The prisoner had taken the precaution to obtain help from his past MP, Walter Sweeney, to get his wife, a consultant radiologist, to find specialist Dr Paul Kemp on the subject of the apparent spurious report, now before the court, on the SPECT scans of his brain conducted by the NHS. Police expert, Professor Roger Wood, had to quickly retract, back date and rewrite his original 18th September 09 version, still not disclosed to the parient's GP, by Dr Ruth Bagshaw, also of Caswell Clinic, the original recipient. Mr Sissling, the area NHS manager continues to fail in replying to letters from both the Welsh Assembly Member and the patient's MP.

E. The 1st December 09 report by Dr Kemp was served on the court that same day. The Cardiff court fails to disclose if that report was ever received, as it contains evidence contradicting Dr Tegwyn Williams in no uncertain terms. [July 09 psychiatric reports,favourable to the prisoner, even before Dr Williiams wrote his 3rd August Interim Report, not even examining his patient, were discounted by each bail judge that saw them.]

F. Page 3 para B of the 2nd December transcript reveals the HM prosecutor, having stated the prisoner had refused to read the new Dr Williams report, he having been given no opportunity in the cells, persuaded the Judge that, as he had ruled against a committal of the prisoner, there was, surely, no need for the prisoner to know its content.

G. The judge, on page 5 para B fails to refer to the prisoner that a new evidence by Dr Williams had been before the court, all older reports having been served on him, long before Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees and HHJ Llewellyn Jones, refusing him bail, both in October and the November hearings.

H. The Criminal Court of Appeal is currently refusing to order the HM Cardiff Court to disclose that it referred to in either of the two court logs relevant to Maurice's one month imprisonment for ‘contempt of court', in June 2010, following The Recorder of Cardiff, Nicholas Cooke QC, also refusing to examine the enclosed documentation, that suggested, on the 2nd December 2009, a serious miscarriage of justice had been occasioned.

I.  Today, the National Health Service, Caswell Clinic, HM Prosecution Service, South Wales Police, HM Court Service and the General Medical Council (South Wales), all continue to refuse to communicate with the acquitted prisoner on the matter, even refusing to release either court record of the events or the medical evidence that was before HM judge and HM prosecution, whilst excluding an unrepresented remanded defendant, facing the likelihood of a prison term, without trial, for an indeterminate period. .

Details of Evidence:

1. Four pages of ‘leaked' 8th June MAPPA memo identifying as to why, possibly, police deliberately set Maurice up as a target to be, lawfully, shot.

2. The ‘full' transcript of the 2nd Dec 09 Cardiff Crown Court hearing, commencing 11.39am indicates almost an hour not recorded, it would appear, because William, the court clerk, had been told not to switch on the tape.

3. The 17th December 09 Newport Crown Court transcript, the last chance for the judge to get the prisoner to disclose his defence, before the jury trial began, may indicate the reality of a successful ‘machine gun' trial from being achieved.

4. The 3rd November 09 Dr E.Silva medico-legal report - in favour of Maurice.

5. The 1st December 09 Dr P. Kemp medical report - in favour of Maurice.

6. The first page of ‘re-written' 18th September 09 Professor Roger Wood medical report was eventually released in June 2010 but only following repeated FOI and Data Protection Act applications by the patient. The original document, read, at the time by the patient, whilst inside Caswell Clinic, is being refused disclosure by both Dr Ruth Bagshaw and the NHS, to whom it was first addressed.