Here is just the beginning and here is my shaky speech in the House of Lords meeting, just after my lucky escape, of just why I could not divulge, last year to my family and friends, my defences when charged with a mandatory ten year minimum prison sentence or an Imprisonment for Public Protection [IPP], for life, in a High Security Psychiatric Prison........ Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

In December 09, my London solicitors had written to the police HQ, to MAPPA Co-ordinator, Nigel Rees, who confirmed MAPPA categorisation. The delay in my arrest that followed, around two weeks, was deliberate with the hope I would again make a lawful approach to the Chief Constable, thus allowing police sniper fire to do the rest. There is much video of the incident that sparked all this off. All this police activity, caught on video, but the Crown Court trial judge, Paul somebody, because it was like something out of "The Keystone Cops" blocked it from the jury, following my application for disclosure. Scenes includeded, totally out ofcontrol, 'Trojan' squad of police, armed with their own machine guns, all wearing tin hats, as I attempted mutual exchange of witness statements, in the seventeen year running civil action. This was all being acted out in the inner sanctum of Police HQ, Bridgend.  Quite innappropiate for a jury, the judge considered, having already refused any other police disclosure that might further reveal his small minded cabal's ultimate intention.