Maurice has had to endure soooooooooo much trouble and to think up sooooooooooo many ways of defending himself while trying to live a private and professional life, that it’s hard for him to see the wood for the trees. However, as there are more opportunities for putting court documents together, he also goes over transcripts of past hearings and lo and behold, he makes new discoveries.

Here he puts together the essence of six documents:


1.    Four pages of a leaked MAPPA memo that identifies why police deliberately set Maurice up as a target to be shot.

a.     This is crucial evidence of the covert surveillance that Maurice suspected but Police had always denied. Maurice thinks he knows why it started on June 8th, but he still has no idea why it ended on December 18th.

b.     The law says that offenders are entitled to minutes of meetings in which they are being discussed. Maurice has never seen any, and Police have never disclosed any either.

2.    The full transcript (22 pages) of the hearing on 2nd Dec 09 in Cardiff Crown Court, when Maurice was still in prison, fearing he might be sent to Broadmoor for life. The transcript commences at 11.39am. Almost a whole hour was not recorded. Maurice now realises that the reason was that William, the court clerk, had been told not to switch on the tape, while Dr Tegwyn Williams’ latest medical report was discussed, which, of course, he had never seen.

3.    Another transcript - of the hearing on 17th December 09 Newport Crown Court - (25 pages) poses a few interesting questions:

a.     Is it the decommissioned machine gun (that Maurice once owned as part of an antique plane) that is dangerous or is it Maurice Kirk who is dangerous?

                                                    i.     Will he commit ‘further offences’? To own and have sold a firearm where the ones alleged).

                                                  ii.     Will he interfere with witnesses? (His offer on his website to reward information leading to witnesses made the Police worried.)

                                                iii.     Will he fail to surrender, if he is granted bail? (He wasn’t volunteering to report to a police station in Wales as he has suffered their harassment for decades.)

b.    What are the considerations, threats and delays regarding his action for civil damages against South Wales Police to be listed for January 25th 2010? This civil action actually only started on September 7 and is currently being adjourned until November 30.

c.     It appears that Maurice could have been granted bail, if he had ‘behaved a bit better’. But it also seems as if he knew that what really mattered to the Judge, the Prosecution and, above all, South Wales Police, was to delay the hearing of his case for civil damages. That’s why, it seems, Judge Bidder apologised to Mr Twomlow, the Prosecutor: “I am very sorry, Mr Twomlow that I couldn’t help”.

d.     One day after this hearing, his MAPPA surveillance was stopped.

4.     3rd November 09 - a 26-page medico-legal assessment by Dr Silva was in favour of Maurice: “not suffering from a mental disorder of a nature or degree that would make detention in hospital appropriate.”

5.     1st December 09 – a 5-page medical report by Dr Kemp – in favour of Maurice: ”does not show any convincing evidence of abnormality”...

6.    Purported first page extract of 18th September 09 Professor Roger Wood medical report only released by NHS in June 2010. The original report, read, at the time by Maurice, inside Caswell Clinic, is being refused disclosure by Dr Ruth Bagshaw, to whom it was addressed.