Royal Courts of Justice, today...What a load of nonsense. The Appeal before Lord Justice Moses et al, was today!

"No, Mr Kirk, you cannot have an oral hearing ....we have already decided to dismiss your Appeal" (arguing with Cardiff judge, Nicholas Cooke QC, who damned well knew Williams was lying nor had the qualifications to try and section me to Broadmoor, on his interpretation of an NHS brain scan!

Now RCJ judges are in on the act.

Imagine that approximate account of what was said in front of Rear Admiral rtd. Norman Scarth Esq. provoked?!

The pandemonium in number  9 court, with utterances of truth only from the well of the court, leading to eight security guards, ready to drag out two old men must be published  see video here: 

A Den of Evil - Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth in court 28/6/2011

Anarchy is just around the corner and it starts at Cardiff Magistrates tomorrow at 10 am. and then across the country

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A Bradford judge sent Patrick Cullinane to prison for four months simply for using an audio recorder in court. 
If Lord 'Justice'(??) Moses had any guts he would have stayed in court, called security to take us down to the cells & then sent us to prison, as Patrick was.  Instead, while the next case was supposed to be proceeding, he, Mr Justice Maddison and Leeds Recorder all scuttled out like frightened rabbits, leaving the pathetic female usher to act as though she were God Almighty!  
Norman Scarth