Maurice has asked for the following documents to be posted to the downloads section of the site.

You can view them from the MOST RECENT tab here:

They are listed as follows:
South Wales Police Summary of Evidence document Statements_Transcripts.pdf
Interview transcripts and statements
Letter to Dolmans solicitors
CPS document
Letter to Cardiff Crown Court
Letter concerning possession of Lewis machine gun Prison_030709.pdf
Cardiff prison complaint
Letter from Airweld concerning Lewis machine gun
Letter to Cardiff Prison
Letter concerning Privy Council and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Letter containing list of Judicial complaints
Reasons for refusing bail by the South Wales Police
Letter supporting bail application
Bail application
Letter from Caswell Clinic
Letter to the CPS CardiffCrownCourt_260809.pdf
Letter to Judge, Cardiff Crown Court
Letter explaining perceived reasons for arrest
Letter concerning 3rd September court appearance
Judicial review application
Statement of the law by S.F. Moore BA
Various correspondence to the press by Patrick Culinane