M has been told that he will be released tomorrow morning.

This has been confirmed as being the understanding of the consulate representative helping him. He is expected to be released at 10 or 11 o'clock local time to local police in order that his belongings can be returned and then taken to his aircraft. I am not clear if he will then be able to fly or whether he will need to arrange transport. I guess that Secret Services will want to check his route before he leaves. As far as I can establish there remains a court hearing at 1pm relating to M's being detained but I'm not too sure about this.

M is in pretty good spirits though perhaps suffering cabin fever at having been restricted for 4/5 days.

On his release I'm sure that a much clearer picture of what happened will emerge.

Hopefully tomorrows events will run smoothly and M will be home soon.

KK (M's wife)

PS the firearms in use when M was arrested were 9mm Berettas (not Smith and Wessons).