Hello and Happy New 2011!

Lewis Nicholson Victim of judicial fraudNo matter whether you, like Lewis Nicholson with his "Victim of Judicial Fraud" shirt, have come to any of our meetings in Westminster before, you are invited to join us on Tuesday, January 25th! Under the auspices of our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP, I looked for support from other MPs, especially those who have signed Early Day Motions (EDMs) covering issues that are relevant to our causes.

I also invited those MPs whose victims are among the four fraudulent bankruptcies we presented to the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke QC MP and the Business Minister Vincent Cable MP. And I invited the MPs whose cases I put before the EU Commission for Justice, besides a few others whose stories I published on Victims Unite!

However, it is really important that you invite your MP yourself to attend, especially if you intend to be there, too! For there is a Parliamentary Rule that says that MPs only need to respond to their constituents!

To ask your MP to write letters on your behalf is always a constructive request you can make!  Send them the report Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression and, where appropriate, Compensator of Last Resort.

To illustrate that you are not alone, you can also refer to our two petitions with their marvellous comments:

While the second petition stressed the need of support for Maurice J Kirk BVSc, he will not be able to join us, as he is still in political asylum in Brittany, for fear of being jailed or shot. However, his MP Alun Cairns has been very responsive and supportive so far!

In my requests for support, I asked:

"Would you be willing to ask questions with written answers to find out what victims are expected to do when they have all the evidence of unlawfulness, but get neither restitution or compensation?   Would you be willing to find out when the Lord Chancellor will close the human rights gap between the EU and the UK?   On Tuesday, January 25th, 2 - 4pm, our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP will convene a meeting of victims and supportive MPs. Can we count on your presence, too?   If not, can we count on you being part of a "Virtual All Party Parliamentary Group" to take our issues further, i.e. be on a mailing list that I will maintain?" 

Besides Austin Mitchell MP, Lord Sudeley, co-founder of the Forum for Stable Currencies, has confirmed to attend.
Nic Dakin, MP for veteran victim Stanley Embling, intends to be with us. 
John McDonnell MP "will do his best" to be there. 
John Hemming MP "may be able to attend".

You are invited to send in your question(s) for MPs asap, hoping that some more of the 100 odd MPs will want to come and answer them!

At our last meeting, Austin Mitchell MP suggested, we should organise our own Public Inquiry, but I don't feel enough support for such a venture. Instead, I hope that victims learn to communicate with their MPs such that they get the best out of them and that the list of supportive MPs gets longer and longer.

As a first most promising step, Nick Hurd MP is acting on behalf of his constituent Patrick Cullinane: Minister demands action over bankrupted taxpayer.

Will your case be the next one so that we can have a truly Happy 2011?

On Tuesday, January 25th, people can join us in the Jubilee Cafe of the House of Commons from 11am onwards. At 1.45pm we will move to the designated Committee Room.

Please take heart and RSVP to sabine@3d-metrics.com, if you can make it on January 25th!

MANY THANKS to everybody who signed and commented and my very best wishes for your fighting spirit in the New Year!

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies
McKenzie Friend and web publisher, Victims Unite!