Interesting, isn't it: that as long as I do not cross the Severn Bridge into Wales, I will not be arrested? I have confronted the English police again today. Maybe the content of this Judicial Review explains?

Just like the Welsh police having me jailed for nearly 8 months on a trumped up charge of 'trading in machine guns'. There the English police also washed their hands of the nonsence refusing even to arrest the new machine gun owner. So the Welsh used him as a prosecution witness I faced a mandatory 5 year prison term for each charge before my Cardiff jury..

Not everybody knew but the gun, an antique Lewis, had been changed from decomissioned, as I sold her, attached to a replica WW1 DH2 fighter biplane flown at Farnborough, to a working prohibited weapon, contrary to the 1968 fire Arms Act.

The Welsh police therefore telephoned the Civil Aviation Authority, who in turn asked the display pilot and four others with old aircraft, to 'unbolt their guns' and drive through the country, alone to deposit them with any gun smith!  The Welsh lot then transported her, unlawfully (contrary to Home Office Regulations) nearly 2000 miles, hawking her around England and Wales to fabricate my 10 year term, if evil Dr Tegyn Williams, Caswell Clinic Director Bridgend, failed to convince Cooke, the Recorder of the Cardiff Crown Court and 9 others, also refusing me bail, that I was too dangerous for release (if I won).

Despite the facts known, Welsh police left me at large for months to get the opportunity to have me lawfully shot (see leaked MAPPA minutes).

If it had not been for a little help from my friends around the world, commenting on this blog site, publishing the facts on Nicholas Cooke QC and Dr Williams, they may well have achieved Williams' request, that I be sectioned for life to reside in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric prison.

Williams stated I had 'significant brain damage', possible brain tumour, with no qualification to do so, while Welsh NHS are continuing to allow him to do this to others, less fortunate than me.

This Welsh cabal is still at large, on a whim to hatch any further abuse of process on an unsuspecting citizen so stupid to expose their patch.

letter to Cardiff Magistrates today:

2nd Nov 2010  Cardiff Magistrates  Judicial Review Application

10th May 2011

Clerk of the Court,

1. I am still asking for the details of just what went on during my forced illness, protracted by Dr Tegwyn Williams of the South Wales Police Forensic Unit, by his criminally conducted false medical reports without the qualifications so to do?

2. Why were my medical reports not put before the district judge ?

3. Why will you not inform me of the names of the witnesses?

4. Why will you not inform me of evidence, by sending copy of clerk's notes?

5. Why has it taken you 6 months to answer my request for the identification of the judge in question?

6. Other requests in my 3rd Nov 2010 letter to the clerk still remain unanswered.

7. Do you now accept you received it?

8. Will you now answer it?

9. The Crown Prosecution Service state they do not oppose a rehearing with Defence present.

10. I wish to know when District Judge Allan Berg is next sitting in Cardiff in order to arrange a hearing.

  Thank you

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


.  .