Black Samsung Laptop Less than 3 years old


  Very sentimental irreplaceable family photos and archives + flight around the world book material contained in computer.

Cannot return to France without passport/driving licence french cheque book etc also in brief case

 NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I have only just been released from prison, all charges dropped, so please, trust me, I will pay £500 cash to third party, any where any time, for life time of vital information stored on computer


  Totally confidential or e-mail;    maurice@kirkflyingvet.com    I will stay AND WAIT

Stolen between 12.30am and 8.30am, this morning, in Tynewydd Road Barry CF62 8AZ, right outside my old veterinary practice

200 posters Published Oct 23 2012, 09:57 AM  and being circulated around Barry.

Stolen from outside two well presented vacant £50,000 central town flats for sale or rent


FOUND (finder found by this display and rewarded)


One computer bag found in a garden behind Gladstone Road school


driving licence ,keys, new unsigned credit card just arrived in post, cheque book and documents

But No laptop computer, black Sony mini camera or silver coloured Fuji mini camera 


A Message to the Thief


I enclose a sample letter for you to read so you can see just how desperate I am to get my laptop back..please



Criminal Court of Appeal                                  201203241D​2 & JR CO/6357/2012


24th Oct 2012

Dear Case Worker,


Breach of Restraining Order Appeal

Further to our telephone conversation I am anxious to obtain copies of the jury notes used in the trial in my absence, refered to by the judge and the list of defence witnesses sent to the judge, from my cell, during the closing stages of the 4th May trial.

One specific defence witness, the prosecuting barrister in the original 1st December 2011 magistrates hearing, who drafted versions of the Restraining Order in dispute as ever served,, informed the judge he had to confer with the Bar Council first. (see transcript).

I write with ugency as they are needed for the pending JR CO/6357/2912 where I am not represented and my witnesses, currently preparing affidavits and those in the public gallery are tellling me some names on my list, diven to GEOamey Custody Services were not even called out by the court usher!

I have already purchased much of the transcript for website and JR application but no all of it.

I wish this appeal to be expedited,

now that I hope to have legal representation and preferably to be heard in conjunction with the JR application.

I will not accept the documents being sent to anyone else in Wales but my self or they will be nobbled.


Much time has been wasted by police having me jailed for nearly three months and dropping all charges, just to harass me for the imminent three month civil trial, there being no effective way in Wales for sueing the blighters.

This is coupled with Cardiff Crown Court, of course, refusing me entry into the building for them, as allowed in the past, despite my winning the 'common assault' appeal in Bristol Crown court only because the Cardiff Crown court prosecution witnesses were now "reluctent to give evidence", as the CPS stated, knowing, in England, I will be allowed to cross examine prosecution witnesses, have my depositions from my cell below and even, would you believe, be allowed to call my own defence witnesses.

Today I was told by a HM Cardiff Crown Court official these copies of jury notes would not be released to me but had I been represented by a barrister in court, during the trial, of course he or she could have seen them!

It stinks, doesn't it?


Maurice J Kirk BVSc


Duty Inspector

Cardiff Police Station

25th Oct 2012

Dear Sir,


Late last night four South WalesPolice swooped on me with the clear intention of securing my arrest.

The paddy wagon dispatched, I noted, took a mere few nano seconds to arrive following the phone call(s) from the gang of youths gathered in the Macdonalds' car park, Barry.

I request and will have the incident number, please, officers names and numbers who were in attendence and why?

I particularly need to know the name of the senior officer  who issued the harassment and to which lodge he belongs and by what standing orders remain in place at your station following my MAPPA level 3 registration.

It may be just another example of his evil devil worship but push me much further and your inherently corrupt  Cardiff law courts will hear of a whole new meaning to the meaning, 'modus operandi', where one of your victims is concerned.

For what was clearly, from the start , a hoax call and your subsequent conduct please take this letter as pre action protocol for  still further civil litigation for damages. 


Maurice J Kirk BVSc