Barry's "flying vet" fails in legal bid. That's the headline of the short and punchy article in today's Barry & District News. In good old mainstream media style, it focuses on the extremes in Maurice's life rather than the complexity of his interwoven legal actions. 

Judge Martin Brown refused the application to issue a summons, saying he saw the application as one borne out of "delusion" and "paranoia". Who is he to know and judge?

Has he spent 3 months in a psychiatric clinic because of false medical reports? 

Has he spent 4 months in prison for possessing a replica of a machine gun where the Police lost their case?

How much time has he spent with Maurice to appreciate his commitment to being a "chronic litigant" - as the alternative to being a vet that was forced upon him?

The whole legal drama enacted by South Wales Police and all the various allies in the judiciary is more complex than any Shakespearean theatre, and we can only hope that more and more people realise what a farce and comedy it is - except for the person who has to suffer the injustice and costs from endless bullying and harassment, besides all the other claims... 

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