Here is an article that appeared in the Guernsey Press on 22 March 2011. It shows Maurice in a Nazi uniform entering the magistrates court.. He put in on his files to be downloaded with the comment: ' the *** never left the island, they just changed uniform'...

He also makes a few observations on this modern form of journalism written for other purposes other than to inform the general public:

At least six facts are deliberately wrong but, as Americans say, “any publicity is good, just spell my name right”

The reason for the appropriate uniform for magistrates court was because Maurice was the only one prosecuted and who succeeded in winning this criminal case for housing temporary UK hotel workers, just for the holiday season, following requests from the island's hotel owners! 

 One other obvious ommission, in the article, was that Maurice was nearly successful in the 1985 islands' election, missing by just 32 votes for a seat in thei Insular government.

This, obviously, triggered a vindictive media campaign, under HM control, it always being the case in both Guernsey and Jersey when he or she 'dare raise their head above the parapet' and question the authority's integrety.

 The Guernsey's maffia, seriously under threat with the dreaded 'human rights' issue being explained to the locals and Maurice starting up the Guernsey Legal Aid Association and campaigning for equal pay and conditions for workers, from outside the island, clearly succeeded in influencing the pathetic few that voted which is why this newspaper article has been published outside their incestuous environment as a warning to any of you out there if you also get too close to the enemy.

Take an adverse publicity it as a compliment, as Maurice did and continue to wage the war with the blighters and expose their behaviour with every opportunity that comes your way.

.......with the coming of Spring, the 'grass roots', the 'thinking section' of the UK, are, at last, waking up to what is really going on in our society, without a shot being fired

UK 's 20011 Census

Hi, I’m from the Census (showed her identification card)
I do not live here, just looking after people’s house.
Do you know who lives here?
Don’t know.
Can I have your name?

Dear Richard,

I consider your refusal to fill in a UK  Census form your affair. To promote others, as above, thoroughly irresponsible
I refused because it was Guernsey with a far worse regime there based on drugs, IRA safe house, money laundering and insider dealing.
They had me to criminal court in Nazi uniform (see article, the only one prosecuted out of about 30,000 adults.
Many Muslims, Chinks and Packis and many others, living contrary to our English standards, some illigal immigrants and villians, are rubbing their hands now at your conduct knowing it is just one more 'nail in the coffin' of what we all fought for in two World Wars.
Kindly circulate this afar, in true democratic manner

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