I have the choice of: (if someone on the island can rig up a digital projector, please?)

FRIDAY Night, most likely

Screen saver as we re charge our gin bottles and change the 8mm reels

 ROUGH COPY Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police BS614159.docx


 2001 London -Sydney Air Race without an MOT, a reliable on 'Liberty Girl'


New Zealand 'walkabout' in WW2 cub and world record via Norfolk Island to Brisbane

Darwin  to Japan and Crash

Flight to President Bush's Ranch after ditching off Haiti

Sewing up my old pal Oliver Reed, not once but twice!

Twenty one times in Guernsey Prison and CI hunger strike record




Traiding in WWI machine guns while having 'significant brain damage' and registered MAPPA level 3, terrorist level 

or three month Cardiff trial with 99 witnesses over South Wales Police getting me struck off the veterinary register


Take your pick...for Friday evening somewhere on my most favourite of  'old rocks' with 2000 dypsos sat watching their gin bottles circulate the awesome Brimtides, Garden Rocks and The dreaded Swinge on a 'spring'!

ps Please notify my old veterinary clients and patients on the beautiful island, just full of GREAT memories, if any still alive!

Air Race Course.docx 


Commercial Spot

http://kirkflyingvet.com/photos/for_sale/Pipistralle-2c-Microlight.aspx  for £1000... see FOR SALE (Looking for lift to Brittany/Jersey after air show)

NB  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tacRcTanQy8 

 I urgently need help to finish this project plus G-KERK (G-OINK) WW2 L4 cub, rebuild for Everest 'assault', needs putting in the air and homed somewhere she can be shared? Also French reg D-Day cub...fly away ....Also needs selling, Taylorcraft  (complete but dismantled £4000)...also Pipestrelle 2c orig micolite (only £1000 plus lift to St Malo after show), also X-Air needing carb also in Brittany (£5000)... Land Rover parked in St Malo Harbour...yours for £1000

see FOR SALE on web site.... Really 'give-away' Brittany properties for £20,000 and under, 1931 Morris Minor, WW1 four blade props A65 and C90 engines (one went to Aussie)!!! etc

My Mobile 07907937953   maurice@kirkflyingvet.com



M machine gun at Farnborough Air Show while South Wales Police scheme for a 10 year mandatory prison sentence


Taunton while I was out filming the 1979 Fastnet Tragedy in my £4000 Cessna 172  she was blown over