Dr Gaynor Jones has been appointed as Maurice Kirk’s psychiatrist.

When Dr Gaynor Jones, MBBCh, MRCPsych graduated from the University of Wales in 1989 Maurice Kirk and his family had already endured years of police harassment in several different regions of the UK.

In 2001 Dr Jones paper “Aggressive Behaviour in Patients with Schizophrenia is Associated with Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Genotype” was published in the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry.

The paper demonstrates her interest in genes being responsible for aggressive behaviour. The said genes were taken from a sample of humans bred from UK and Eire stock.

Three quotes in particular say a great deal about the attitude of the researchers:

“Clinical Implications: There is current political interest in identifying people who are at risk of aggressive behaviour. This association could be regarded as a potential biological marker of aggression.”

“Limitations: It is likely that there is an underreporting of aggression in this study. However, each of the genotype groups would have been subject to this bias.”

“Recruitment of the sample from hospitals and the community probably has excluded those who are seriously violent, because it is likely that they would be either in a secure treatment facility or within the penal system.”

Dr Gaynor Jones in furthering her quest for research into aggressive behaviour has left an undated comment on the Offender Health Research Network website “I am not currently undertaking any research in Prison but would like to become involved”.

Is Maurice Kirk now part of this research into human genes regarding which there is “current political interest”? Will he receive a mental health certification for life due to his heritage as UK stock?

His offspring should already have had their details entered into the ONSET database, a Home Office system designed to predict which children will become offenders. They will have been listed due to their father’s jail term. With the addition of a mental health certification to Maurice Kirk’s profile that heritage will also be passed on to his children’s profiles. Living under the database hierarchy of the UK authorities humans are no longer individuals with free will, they are labelled, categorised and typed. The minutiae of their lives is written across countless acres of disc attached to computers to which they have no access. The data contains not only facts concerning addresses, telephone numbers and bank accounts but an equivalent amount of data written as comments about characteristics and behaviour, none of which is known to or approved by the individual to whom it is allotted.

Maurice Kirk has led a life of caring for God’s creatures and thereby relieving their owners of a great deal of anxiety. Simultaneously he and his family have endured years of police harassment which he has faced non-violently, his only recourse being that of the legal system. With each win in the legal system the harassment increased. His private wish has been to be left alone but his inbuilt sense of principle has meant that he has had no option but to continue to expose the wrong for the sake not only of his family but all UK civilians. His current situation is that from his life experience he knows too much about the system.

The qualities of discernment, patience, tenacity and a higher sense of right have been demonstrated by this lone individual for tens of years in the face of confronting authorities. Despite being goaded by lies and slander, deception and duplicity, breaking and entering, theft, physical assault and all the tactics and technologies of the present day surveillance mechanism he has not reacted with aggression or violence. He has not done unto them as they have done unto him.

If any research into Maurice Kirk’s being were to be undertaken it should be into how to replicate his qualities. His blood is worth bottling and his genes are more valuable than an infinite number of those of his cowardly adversaries.