Outcome of Tuesday Hearing

The district judge said he would not interfere with the previous district judge's 2nd November decision, in ignoring the medical evidence from my GP, that my  current state of health plus medication, accepted by four other courts to adjourn, including the Criminal Court of Appeal in London.

Therefore the application to set aside the conviction, obtained in my absence, by my solictor, was refused leavingt the arrest order outstanding.

 Situation on Monday

1.   HM Crown Prosecution Service and HM Cardiff court refuse to reply to my letters for outstanding disclosure, overhead video in Crown Court, for example, of the incident and both the Cardiff Magistrates and Cardiff CPS contemporaneous records of November 2010 hearing, that took place in my absence, despite adequate medical evidence before it.

2.   The last hearing received my GP's 1st November 2010 medical certificate faxed, the surgery  me,before the hearing started. Is this, then, a Welsh HM conspiracy?

3.   My current inability to conduct litigation has been accepted in various English courts.

4.   Medical evidence of my incapacity to stand trial is currently being withheld by both HM CPS, the prosecution and Cardiff HM Court Service, the administrators of Cardiff courts..

5.   An HM Court Service staff member, an ex policemen, is the complainant and HM CPS is prosecuting reliant only on witnesses employed by HM Court Service, based in Cardiff.

6.   It is for these reasons I request all my outstanding cases to be heard outside South Wales.

7.   My medical evidence, recorded in both2nd December 2009 and 24th June 2010 Crown Court logs are needed for this Tuesday hearing, to support my police doctor's evidence.

8.   Could the court ask for copy of these logsto be faxed to you, before Tuesday, please?

9.   My current incapacity to defend myselfis supported byevidence given to HHJ Bidder QC and Judge Cooke QC by both the HM   CPS with Dr Tegwyn Williams, both concerned about my welfare, then incarcerated in HM Cardiff prison.

.10.  Caswell Clinic staff told me I have significant brain damage and a possible brain tumour.

11.   Director of this South Wales Police forensic laboratory informed the proposed trial judge, on 2nd December 2009, my medical condition was irreversible and likely to get worse, recommending to at least five Cardiff judges, over 6 months, that I be refused bail.

12.  He stated I was so dangerous that he recommended I be transferred to a High Security Psychiatric Prison, IPP, Imprisonment for Public Protection, possibly for life. I was on remand in prison, incidentally,  winning a 10 year mandatory incaceration, without the need for calling evidence for trading in prohibited machine guns, actually one World War1 decommissioned relic attached to my 1916 DH2 replica biplane sold a year earlier!

 13.  Letters, requesting my medical records, are already with the court, these records also needed in order that first my Welsh and now French anaesthetist, as I have obtained asylum here, may expedite my long overdue elected surgery for a total hip replacement.