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As reported earlier this year, Maurice J Kirk BVSc found protection from the bullying of South Wales Police, by obtaining asylum in France1. Since then he has also managed to obtain surgery for a replacement hip, despite the falsification of his Welsh medical records by Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend.

Cardiff Crown Courts had repeatedly accepted the doctor’s evidence, which stated that Maurice suffered from ‘paranoid delusional disorder‘. This was apparently complicated by ‘significant brain damage’, a possible brain tumour and therefore considered him too dangerous to be released from a psychiatric prison. Supposedly, Maurice believed he was being bullied by South Wales Police and had been separated out for special treatment.

To clarify, his French surgical team arranged for a brain scan and physical examination neither of which Maurice could obtain from either the Welsh area NHS or Dr Tegwyn Williams. For almost a year now on crutches and latterly on significant levels of morphine and other strong analgesics, Maurice has been battling for disclosure and clarification of his records. After all, they were used in ten or more Cardiff Crown Courts, to oppose his bail applications while in prison and psychiatric clinic for seven months. And they were the basis for his Welsh surgical team refusing to operate.

Leaked police memos2 revealed that South Wales Police had meetings with both, the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) and those agencies covered by Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA). In 2009 these resulted in ‘Operation Tulip’ to try and have him sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act and imprisoned for an indefinite period. But having been found not guilty in trading in machine guns, Maurice had obtained his liberty in February 2010.

Therefore, Maurice reverted back to the Welsh courts to get his medical records released. But that failed. However, he discovered that Professor Roger Wood of Swansea University had re-written his own medical report and back dated it, given that Maurice was in liberty.

Then Maurice attempted disclosure under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act, but the Information Commissioner refused to intervene. In his support, an online campaign3 yielded over 230 signatures and more than 4,000 page views, but did not make a difference either. Cardiff Crown Court continues to refuse the disclosure of the medical information on court logs or let Maurice hear the court tapes of hearings that took place while he was left locked in his cell. His civil action for damages against South Wales Police is currently being adjourned. But his claims comprise the continuous harassment that stopped as soon as South Wales Police had succeeded in getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons in 2002.

Dogged with his poor health condition, Maurice now had to withdraw from his action for damages against the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, thereby losing all the proceeds of recently selling his house. He says ”If someone had told me nine years ago that the College is immune to prosecution under its Royal Charter4, I would never have been as stupid as to commence legal proceedings. Now I just hope to regain my health such that I can cope with the legal action against South Wales Police. Since it was lodged in 1996, it has been delayed for long enough, deliberately of course. As a bullying case, it is unusual, extreme and indefinite. It’s time to close that chapter of my life, and I’m glad my brain is normal while I’m looking forward to a new hip.”