In his case before Cardiff County Court, Maurice Kirk, the Flying Vet, charges South Wales Police with countless false imprisonments, malicious prosecutions and failure to investigate crimes against him, his family, surgery and law courts, in particular, the court of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Without his knowledge, Mr Kirk was categorised MAPPA  level 3 (posing serious risk of harm to the public) between June and December 2009. But Police denies the relevance of this supervision to current proceedings. MAPPA is short for “Multi-Agency Protection Arrangement” between Prison, Probation and Police. The law rules since August 2009, that offenders are kept informed of management meetings.

On trial day 1, September 7th 2010, Ex-Chief Constable of South Wales Police Barbara Wilding and Dr Tegwyn Williams, Director of South Wales Police Forensic Psychiatric Prison, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, failed to answer to witness subpoenas served on them by the Claimant. However, Dr Ruth Bagshaw, who is psychologist and Clinical Lead at Caswell Clinic, is member of the Strategic Management Board of MAPPA South Wales Area. Hence they would have discussed the ‘senior management oversight’ required for level 3 offenders. Mr Kirk’s lawyers maintain that there has not been an offence, hence he is not an offender.

Judge Seys Llewellyn QC had ordered on 17August 2010 that the Police’s solicitor should make urgent enquiries and provide a statement by 31 August 2010 with MAPPA details. Mr Kirk had not seen any MAPPA related documents until Adrian Paul Oliver of Dolmans Solicitors followed the order to give details about dates, documents and discussion at meetings. According to MAPPA information sharing protocol, such documents are to be passed on to the ‘offender’ since the law changed in August 2009. When detained in prison on 1st July 2010, Mr Kirk was given written confirmation that he is not subject to MAPPA and that “all information indicates that you never have been”.

Mr Kirk has been jailed 20 times and spent 12 weeks in Caswell Clinic, where he was diagnosed with supposedly incurable brain damage and possibly cancer. These medical records are now required by his surgeons for an urgent hip replacement. On trial day 2 the judge adjourned until next Monday.

Dr Tegwyn Williams is expected to appear in court on Monday September 13th when proceedings recommence at 11am. The trial is expected to rely on disclosure of evidence and to last for 10 weeks.

Mr Oliver’s statement does not contain details about other levels of categorisation previously managed. Category 1 applies to sexual and Category 2 to violent offenders. Category 3 refers to offenders who pose a risk of serious harm such as terrorists.

"We have been following your ‘trials and tribulations’ with some sadness here in Florida. So sad that your own country men would treat one of the last true British Explorers with such cruelty and stupidity. Please know that at least all the tail dragger pilots in the world are rooting for sanity to prevail in your case.” Tom Frohne, Florida


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