Belinda and I visited Dad (Maurice) on Thursday, we were not allowed any privacy and all conversation was reported. HM Prison has continued to refuse the release of all his legal papers. Caswell Clinic, likewise, refuses to allow access to his documents and computerised records on his laptop, delivered to the clinic by Kirsty.

For months, the courts in London and Wales continue to refuse to reply to his communications. The clinic continues to refuse to disclose just who instigated him being there. Police, Court, Prisons and the Clinic refuse to disclose just who instigated his original arrest, despite the court order of disclosure on 28th July.

7 Law firms so far, have refused to act for Dad, relating to the Barbara Wilding Chief Constable's false Affidavit, and his private prosecution (for fraud) due to be heard in Barry Magistrates, no. 8.

The clinic has attained, without Dad's consent his medical records from Texas State Psychiatric Hospital in Austin, and refuses to allow him sight of/copy of whatever they have attained. Dad obtained the ‘deported US medical records' in May 2008, only by him taking the Psychiatric Hospital to court, to release him and his records. Therefore, allowing him to go back to Crawford, near G.W. Bush's ranch, to pick up his aircraft with his friends.

5 courts so far have refused his right to apply for bail in South Wales.

I believe Dad hoped to acquire some sort of statistics when he told me, "no one will tell me how often a Section 35 prisoner is incarcerated in this secure clinic".

Dad was left reading a Russia's Political Hospitals, a book by Sidney Bloch and Peter Redaway, concerning the abuse of psychiatric psychiatry in the Soviet Union.

Alex Kirk