After a particularly bad night as each time I roll over, my hip wakes me up with the pain, I tried yet again for my Barry GP to obtain clarification from Dr Tegwyn Williams. But it is obvious the 'taffia' are at work, even in a GP's surgery. 


Dear Doctor,



1. My hip operation has still not been done, meaning I am prescribed yet more morphine sulphate for analgesia and with 'bone on bone', putting at risk post-op complications. 

2. Clarification for, first the Welsh anaesthetist last June and now, the French anaesthetist, in Brittany, remains EXACTLY THE SAME, both refusing in the elected surgery until you, as my GP, obtain clarification from the Welsh NHS, as to whether it is safe for me to have a general anaesthetic?

3. Cowbridge Health Centre banned me from their surgery once it was realised there was a HM/police conspiracy to get me locked away for life.

4. Is your apparent refusal to just update your 2nd December 2010 medical report, faxed to the Cardiff Magistrates, because you have also been nobbled?  

5. Until the bloody Welsh NHS, Welsh HM Crown Prosecution Service, Welsh HM Court Service or Welsh HM Cardiff prison give clarification to police run Caswell Clinic's Dr Tegwyn Williams 2009 dubious medical reports, I run the real risk of not obtaining a 'set aside' for re-hearing, by the Cardiff same district judge, on 22nd February 2011.

6. The case was originally heard in my absence because, Jo confirmed, your medical report arrived at the Magistrates after the hearing had started. Please, at least send me a copy, by return for my solicitor, as I am too ill to conduct the case. 

7. Dr Tegwyn Williams, wash your mouth out, Maurice, informed the Cardiff Crown Court and MAPPA meetings, I have 'significant and irreversable brain damage' with Crown prosecutor, Me Richard Thomlow, saying ,'possible brain tumour', asking for a Section 45,  under the 1983 Mental Health Act, to send me to Broadmoor for life.  

I have the phone by my bedside and computer to receive your response.


Yours sincerely,

At the 11th hour my GP has just rung me, in France and agreed to send me, within 24 hours, an updated medical certificate addressed to 21st Feb court hearing, similar to his original, in June 2009 to HHJ Cooke QC, when the Welsh aneasthetist had refused by a party for elected surgery without Dr Tegwyn Williams clarifying his 2nd December 2009 evidence to HHJ Bidder QC that I had significant brain damage and the CPS stated, a possible tumour.
The Dr has also kindly agreed to send the old December 2010 medical report, that arrived just too late at magistrates, on the 2nd December 2010, causing the case to to heard in my absence. 

Is this a light at the end of the tunnel ? Will NHS managers now make Dr Tegwyn Williams come clean? 

1)      CARDIFF MAGISTRATES COURT   (Tuesday, 22nd Feb 2011, 10am,  Regina v Kirk)

          17th February 2011

          Re:      Mr Maurice Kirk


I would like to state that I have not seen Mr Kirk since September 2010, as I believe he is currently living in France.  He has led me to understand that he is still awaiting surgery and is therefore still using strong analgesia to control the pain, which is being supplied to him in France.

I would therefore be grateful if you would consider a further adjournment, as Mr Kirk is not able to defend himself whilst using such strong analgesia.

Yours faithfully


2)   Medical Report from London Specialist

I am an Independent Occupational Health Physician, General Practitioner and Psychologist. I work as an independent Occupational Health Physician and Psychologist. I am a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Royal College of General Practitioners, Diplomate member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, full member of the Society of Occupational Medicine, and full member of the British Psychological Society, with Level A and B qualifications in psychometric assessment.

This report has been prepared following a telephone consultation with Maurice Kirk on the 16th February 2011, for an Occupational Health Assessment, to establish his physical fitness with respect of preparing a legal court case and whether there has been any material change in his medical condition since my last report.

3) In preparing this report I have also had sight of a medical certificate from Maurice Kirk's French Physician Dr Dennis Leclerc, dated 14th January 2011.

This report is a supplementary report to my reports of 06.09. 2010 and 22.11. 2010

4) Dr Tegwyn Williams' Latest Psychiatric Report

to be disclosed from  successful applications currently befrore both London and Cardiff courts

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