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Please sign our online petition: Fair Trials and Compensation instead of an effective remedy before national authorities, for Maurice and other victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression.

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Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... Key videos: We see Maurice being interviewed in Jersey in Dec 2010 and talking outside the Royal Courts of Justice, in June 2008. Here he introduces himself to a meeting of the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords, on March 9, 2010. In July 2010, Maurice speaks to the British Constitution Group in Stoke on Trent. For first-time visitors, a complementary and introductory blog offers also a one-page summary of his ordeals and battles.


       Please spread far & wide the following message.

                          JUDICIAL THEFTS & FRAUDS IN HM COURTS.

               Southwark Crown Court 4th Aug 2008      10 am.  Appeal of G.Ebert.

      Mr. Ebert will reveal how Hendon Magistrates 9th May 08 conspired with CPS & Met police to conceal how the legal mafia use HM courts and Land Registry  to steal properties & assets.

    The legal mafia create false debts to ensnare the intended Victim into the Insolvency Process of the DTI.  These bogus and malicious bankruptcies lead to the Victims assets & wealth being seized by a mafia Trustee. The Victim is bled white!  Any attempt by Victim to use HM courts to seek a remedy & justice result in Victim being branded a vexatious litigant Sectn 42 Supreme Court Act 1984 or Victim  punished with a Civil restraining order.  Swears & Affirms the above is the absolute truth and has the documents to prove it.

    As a courtesy would all Victims of the legal mafia send a letter of thanks to Dr. Vince Cable MP for his efforts re: Dr. Oraki and other Victims.


  • A Day Protesting in London

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    First it was to visit 'Rick on the Roof'' in Barry, South Wales (nearly 2 years) with his breakfast arguably swindled out of his own house by the fraudulent conduct of a string of lawyers aided and abetted by their collegues, welch judges.[Just study the similarity in his placards, in web photo, to what was displayed before London's courts!]

    Rick is the local painful reminder to us all of how the HM Under Secretary, in answer to Dr Vincent Cable's apparent innocuous question this week boasts, in effect....'.complaining about lawyers used to be a waste of time but now, in 2008, everything is smelling of roses!  What a liar, then perhaps she is a lawyer or married to one?. See extracts of Hansard in todays Download

    The march through London from the Royal Courts of Justice caused huge cheers from the public and the two hours with an MP, listening to our remarkably similar complaints of lawyers being immune to the Fraud Act, had some of us almost crying with dispair.

  • Member of Parliament Puts His Head Above The Parapet

    FAO Maurice Kellett

    Maurice 2 to Maurice 1

    Dear Maurice,   

                                                            Meeting at the House of Commons 22nd July 2008


    The meeting with Dr Vincent Cable MP at the House of Commons appeared most constructive but as I heard a few mutter afterwards..."been here before"... and now, followed by your apt reminder of the ‘real world', makes me remember the ‘licks and promises' by politicians I have personally aggravated, over the years, leading to precisely nothing.

    No, Maurice 1, it is not all is ‘gloom and doom'. That meeting, yesterday, had some fifteen far more injured speakers than me, from all walks of life, tell a proper listening MP, the root of the problem. Like myself, most of them had also ‘exhausted local remedies', what a joke, ridiculed by Whitehall's own agenda , all part of the self perpetuating ‘jobs worth' mentality.

    My own few words at the meeting used the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons conduct, just as an example, those lawyers relying on the 1967 Royal Charter, contravening  the 1998 Human Rights Act but protected by the ‘Royal Prerogative' from prosecution, just to emphasize the cancer we are faced with and just why the police continue to refuse to investigate any complaint. An issue the MP appeared to have  difficulty with accepting the police can just REFUSE TO INVESTIGATE, when there is clear information of  day by day crime by a bunch, some frilly nickered,  lawyers bringing their own profession into disrepute. A profession that must be protected.

     It is all about ‘accountability' for acts of criminal conduct by those exploiting their privilege within the UK judicial system.

    Remember, Maurice ,the photo, I sprayed across the front wall of my surgery with a gentian violet antibiotic spray in incestuous Guernsey, back in the 80s, a belief that  definitely still  stands:

    "The law is only as good as those entrusted to administer it"

    While the ‘Royal Prerogative' is sustained by those on the ‘gravy train', to hide behind and the ‘Memorandum of Understanding', giving immunity to prosecution to police  and  lawyers in our courts, we and our children all have a grim future.

    It is now time to hit harder at our own MPS on this issue and stage protests, stunts, web sites, before our local courts, however daft to the un informed they appear, to wake up the typical ignorant tax payer like I was until I was also swindled by lawyers and also watched, time and time again, police and agents of the Crown walk away from the witness box, when perjury had been proved.

    It was unfortunate that the, almost, last speaker from the audience raised the other real incestuous problem within the UK judiciary, that of devil worship. Let us hope Dr Cable can rise above all these pressures in his work place and produce the ‘goods'.

    Best regards,

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Wales against crooked lawyers



    Got home in sleepy South Wales at 2am....Patrick's megaphone still ringing in my ears,  good night

  • House of Commons Demonstration Tuesday 22nd July 2008

    To be addressed by Dr Vincent Cable MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and other MPs

    22 July 2008 at 09.00

    Demonstration starts 9.00 am on the 22nd July outside the Central London County Court and at 9.00 am at Brentford County Court. The group at Brentford County Court will join those at the Central London County Court at 11.00am.  We will go on to the Royal Courts of Justice and The Law Society. 

    Between 2- 4pm MPs will address the demonstration in Committee Room 6 in Parliament. Enter through the main visitor entrance, which is at Cromwell Green, just off Parliament Square



    42 Augustine Road

    Harrow Weald, London

      HM Partnership/RCVS/South Wales Police/Civil Aviation Authority


    Dear Patrick,                                                               19th July 2008


    CAA Thursday Meeting to consider Revoking all my Pilots Licences.

    Thank you, kind sir, for attending yet again another example of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and now, the Civil Aviation Authority, apparent joint determination to prevent me from having  income to fight the corruption in the South Wales Police and British Law Courts, dominated by crooked lawyers.

    Remember the police were the original complainants to have me struck off the veterinary register following their loss of 121 criminal charges out of around 130 laid against me in the barbaric environment of a UK ‘HM' controlled court room. There is still no apparent ‘accountability', after 10 years of harassment and false imprisonments, for almost daily nefarious conduct including their failed ‘disclosure', ‘perjury' and general ‘perversion of justice'.

    The Civil Aviation Authority removed my licences upon ‘communication' from Texas, USA, that they now accept was utter nonsense. I did not land my aging Piper Cub ‘on the road outside President Bush's ranch' nor was I ‘engaged in criminal activity and endangering the general public,' as the US Department of Homeland Security hurriedly stated to justify jailing me and then having me deported like some common criminal. The FAA confirmed, at the time, I HAD COMMITTED NO OFFENCE.

    The CAA have now chosen to bring up ‘old matters', just like the RCVS did when the South Wales Police complaint collapsed, in order to justify not just removing my veterinary licence but giving it back. Meanwhile, my Royal Courts of Justice Judicial Review Applications are being deliberately buried by the usual HM Masonic cabal that currently dominates the UK judiciary.

    The RCVS relied on, remember, a string of ‘trivial' motoring convictions obtaining the HM Privy Council outrageous quote that, in effect, all professions must now make their members conduct their private lives as if ‘acting in a professional capacity'! [See para 33 KIRK v RCVS 19th Jan 2004 Privy Council Judgment]. That, Patrick, indicates just how serious the state our courts are really in and why the CAA can also act with impunity under ‘Her Majesty's Prerogative'.

    The CAA's continuing refusal to return my licences is, you witnessed, based on five points:

    • 1. I negligently or deliberately engaged the aircraft in a thunder storm whilst landing in a field five miles from the US President's ranch. Landing in order to deliver, personally, my letter of thanks for the US Coast Guard saving my life. I would never have made breakfast, except for the sharks!

    CAA evidence was based only on what was written on about inclement weather.

    • 2. I had ditched my ‘Liberty Girl' in the Caribbean, one hundred miles off the Dominican Republic.
    • 3. I had landed her on a street of Kanazawa City, Japan, three years ago, destroying her with myself finishing up in hospital.

    Apparently, you heard, the CAA takes the view that a single engined aircraft should neither cross water beyond gliding distance to land nor, in the case of the Japanese incident, fly over mountainous terrain despite being generally designed for the purpose. The mere fact my engine failed more than ten miles from the Japanese city was apparently irrelevant but the fact the mountain range had nothing, not even for a cub to land in and live, meant I should not have been there in the first place!

    • 4. Four years ago emergency services were alerted following a call by a member of public that my Taylorcraft was experiencing engine trouble over the Bristol Channel.

    The fact I made no such assumption to request help but landed at Bristol instead of nearby Chivenor, Devon, is now also being held against me.

    • 5. Record keeping omissions of biannual flight test instructor/examiner requirement.

    Having spent the money to employ these professionals it appeared, correctly I must say, I had failed to properly record the purpose of the exercise...flight safety. The fact a string off pilots, purported to be qualified, took my money both here in the UK and the USA, did not appear to concern them. I hope I was mistaken. Since the hearing I have found out one such professional later refused to sign up my books as his wife was killed in the very same aircraft shortly after my two hours of instruction with him.

    Patrick, the Home Secretary still refuses to hand over the £15,000 awarded by the court for one of the fourteen South Wales false imprisonments so I think it is time to cause just a little more trouble in London, on Tuesday, than what they might expect of a man ‘wishing to conduct his private life in accordance with their lordships' wishes' in order he may ‘practice veterinary surgery' before he dies.

    Yours sincerely,

    Maurice 2