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Political asylum granted by France - to a British citizen - for the first time since the French Revolution... Key videos: We see Maurice being interviewed in Jersey in Dec 2010 and talking outside the Royal Courts of Justice, in June 2008. Here he introduces himself to a meeting of the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords, on March 9, 2010. In July 2010, Maurice speaks to the British Constitution Group in Stoke on Trent. For first-time visitors, a complementary and introductory blog offers also a one-page summary of his ordeals and battles.
  • Battle Bus in London 10th December ECHR 60 years

    Bus arrives London Wed and Thursday for protest outside Royal Courts of Justice and House of Commons

    Ride the bus.....60 Years of Human Rights Convention

    ring 07966523940 or 02084288644

    We had a GRRRREAT DAY now who is coming with us to Paris afyter Christmas......will Cliff Richard sponsor the fuel bill?




     E-Mail from Paul:

    60th Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights bus journey to Paris.


    1. The bus, an ex-London Routemaster all cleaned and refurbished, will be leaving London on the 6th of December. The ferry is booked for 9.45am from Dover, which means leaving London at 5.30am from the Embankment at Blackfriars, nearest tube station is Blackfriars on the Circle and District lines handy for all main line stations.


    2. It is 180 miles from Calais to Paris, the bus maximum speed is 40mph therefore the journey time is 4.5 hours depending on traffic. There will be at least 2 half hour stops.


    3. Arrangements are in hand to stay at Citea Magny le Hongre self catering apartments which have 3 bedrooms to sleep up to 8 people. These apartments are quite spacious with kitchen, living area etc and can be viewed on: Citea Magny Le Hongre . The price per person for 5 nights is £75.00 which is just £15 per night, and Disney Land is close by!


    4. There is rough accommodation on board the bus by way of camp beds for 3 to 4 on the upper deck (there are curtains for the windows). I have known people to sleep quite comfortably on the 2 long seats on the lower deck. So anyone wishing to sleep on the bus please let me know and bring a sleeping bag and some extra warm covers because it will be cold in Paris this time of year. The bus central heating only works when the engine is running so there will be no central heating when the bus is parked for the night.


    5. The bus will be parked near to the apartments so that all the usual services will be available for those sleeping on the bus. No snorers please.


    6. On the 7th December it is the actual 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, we understand that there will be a very large crowd at Notre Dame, so we will be driving there for the day.


    7. The following day there is another big rally at the Eiffel Tower which we will be attending.


    8. On the 9th there will be a day when you can enjoy the sights, sounds and food of Paris, and to do some Christmas shopping.


    9. On the 10th. We all go to the Unesco building where selected delegates have a chance to speak to the General Council and to put points about the UK's  violations of those rights guaranteed by the Declaration.


    10. The bus returns on the 11th December to catch the 9.15pm ferry at Calais.


    11. The bus has facilities for charging mobile phones and running electric razors. There is also a small gas stove for making tea and coffee etc. Please do not use the gas stove while the bus is in motion.


    12. If there are any smokers please do not smoke on the bus, there are no ashtrays and I have spent many hours cleaning the inside of the bus, other non-smoking passengers may object.


    ring me to book ....a few seats left  MJK in France  07966523940

    or Paul direct on; 
    01572 811175

  • Yorkshire Ripper Enquiry & Barbara Wilding South Wales Police Similarity

    See 'Most Recent' download.

    This leaked HM Treasury Solicitor internal memo, one of many, may be an indication to the UK tax payer as to just what it costs while those in the UK judiciary continue to enjoy immunity to prosecution due to the 'Royal Prerogative'.

     HM Treasury Solicitor and Crown Prosecution Service have no fear, of course, over their appearance tomorrow to defend the HM Home Secretary in Cardiff Court hearing for my false imprisonments.

    Jack Straw, HM Minister of Justice, remember, arranged for Article One, the binding article, of the 1948 European Charter of Human Rights to be omitted from our 1998 Human Rights Act making it quite ineffective and a farce.

    While my parliamentary representative, John Smith MP and his colleagues continue to swear allegiance to the ‘Royal Prerogative' our journey to Paris on the 6th Dec, in an old red London double-decker bus, to join 60 years ECHR Celebration, will be all the more worthwhile.

    While The Yorkshire Ripper associated trials unfold it makes one wonder just how many other HM agents, such as those pulling the strings in the South Wales Police and RCVS, for example, are also given immunity and have behaved in a similar fashion to our current lot in London over the years?


    John Smith MP Esq.,

    House of Commons, Westminster.

    27th November 2008                                Your ref:  K/2002


    Dear Mr Smith,


    Abuse of Process Application-Cardiff County Court 25th November 2008

    Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police


    Further to my last letter of the 22nd November matters have turned somewhat for the better.

    A day in court on Tuesday eventually commenced an Abuse of Process Application causing the judge to order Barbara Wilding, Chief of the South Wales Police, to sign a sworn affidavit that there has been full disclosure in my 16 year on going action for damages.

    Remember, the police deny a court case took place involving 9 months of surveillance, the police broke into my surgery with a crow bar and they told a court they did not know who I was and had me locked up in Cardiff prison for 4 days until I was ‘identified'.

    Further, the police must reply to my requests concerning well over 39 incident reports currently withheld from me as they will undermine their defence for losing around 121 charges brought against me due to vindictive malfeasance.

    I will not be holding my breath......

    The Home Secretary has still failed to disclose in court today any of the investigation she has admitted has been going on for at least 5 years to have me certified as a vexatious litigant. My application under both the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act is being side lined as the lawyer for Jacqui Smith now says I can only have what he has 'in his office'! 

    If you again examine the HM Treasury Solicitor internal memo I sent  you you will see all defendants, South Wales Police and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, have been in close communication for years with the HM Attorney General's Department without my knowledge affecting the very process of my, almost daily, court decisions. Clearly an Abuse of Process.

    Now, do we have that meeting this year  or not?

    Yours sincerely,

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc


    See 'Most Recent' download.

  • Home Secretary Refuses to Disclose Sect 31 Evidence

    Whilst enjoying every second in Brittany, France, 'meticulously' flight planning [Please note Bristol CAA Flight Examiner] my Piper Cub flight to Cape Town, South Africa and ship to Argentina, possibly, I have to stop every thing, even put my fine glass of 'Cuvee de la Salette' down and write the following response, following  further plain wickedness  from the South Wales Police.

     The HM Home Sectretary, [Hearing 25th November in Cardiff], now, bless her, refuses to disclose even 'occurrence' numbered police logged details, even under the Data Protection Act or Freedom of Information Act.

     Documents affecting RCVS and South Wales Police cases from her 5 year running 'investigation' in Whitehall' to have me certified as a 'Vexatious Litigant' she is also withholding. So what's new , I say?

     Just what the RCVS achieved from the HM Information Commissioner following the South Wales Police invitation for the RCVS lawyers and lay staff to visit and examine police confidential records on me in Cardiff Central Police Station. [Contrary to 1987/45 HO Regulations]

     But just what does the web site reader make of this latest gem from the South Wales Police' published below causing me to write to Jaqui Smith?

    Further and better details on 'downloads'  and later this year (when I have the cash!) 



    The Specialist Listing Section

    Cardiff County Court/Mercantile Listing

    Civil Justice Centre

    2 Park Street



    URGENT - case management conference 25 / 26 November 2008


    Dear Sirs,



    NUMBER BS 614159 / ALSO CASE NUMBERS CF101741 / CF 204141


    We refer to previous correspondence in connection with the above matter and the case management conference listed before His Honour Judge Chambers QC on 25 and 26 November 2008.

    We also refer to the application issued by the Claimant listed for hearing on 19 November 2008 but which was not dealt with due to the failure of the claimant to attend the hearing.

    We have previously filed the witness statement of Adrian Paul Oliver for the Defendant for the consideration of His Honour Judge Chambers QC. We can confirm that we received a position statement from the claimant by e-mail at 10.02 am on 19 November 2008. We enclose a copy of the same for the benefit of His Honour Judge Chambers QC. We can confirm that  e-mail did not provide the enclosures referred to in that letter.

    We also note, at page 6 of this e-mail that there is a reference to the Home Secretary being represented in court on 25 November 2008.

     We would draw the court's attention to the fact that neither the application of19 November 2008, nor the proceedings which are the subject of the case management conference have any reference to the Home Office or the Home Secretary.

     Our enquiries indicate that the court has not listed any application in respect of the Home Office to be heard on 25 and 26 November and there is no standing of the Home Office or Home Secretary in these actions.

    [ NOW no Home Secretary hearing listed for 25th as Home Office say 'not ready']

     We have copied this letter to the claimant so that he might be under no illusion that the hearing next week should have any reference to any separate cause of action or proceedings in which he might be involved with another party. We would be grateful if a copy of this letter could be placed before His Honour Judge Chambers QC at the earliest opportunity.

    Yours faithfully,






    John Smith MP Esq,

    House of Commons, Westminster.

    22nd November 2008                                                                                                                  Your ref:  K/2002


    Dear Mr Smith,

    Abuse of Process Application-Cardiff County Court 25th November 2008


    Further to my last letter of the 2nd November matters have worsened.

    I enclose my letter to Home Secretary and 17th Dec 07 schematic flow chart for indicating the HM ‘Partnership' affecting both Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons [RCVS] and South Wales Police court cases.  I have exhausted all remedies available to me, other than you, my Parliamentary representative.

    • 1. On the 31st October 08 the HM Home Secretary's lawyer admitted, in Cardiff Court, there was still a ‘team of lawyers' in Whitehall {with all my court files, transcripts and tapes?} under the instructions of HM Attorney General to try and get me certified as a ‘Vexatious Litigant'. This will block ‘Disclosure' of the criminal conduct by not just lawyers. I have already a sample of leaked HM internal memos implicating several under the Home Office or Ministry of Justice.


    • 2. HM Home Secretary's lawyer also agreed to ‘disclose', the date now well passed, just what had been going on for 5 years with HM Treasury Solicitor that has so seriously prejudiced my actions for damages for false imprisonment and on the matter of failure to Sect 31 Disclosure rules by both the South Wales Police and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the latter stating that the Information Commissioner, for the Data Protection Act 1966, considered all interviews of my Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, veterinary clients by RCVS lawyers or lay staff were ‘privileged'!


    • 3. The RCVS even falsified witness statements they reluctantly served on me just before the 2002 trial, following complaints by the South Wales Police to have my name removed from the veterinary register for but one reason.


    • 4. On Tuesday His Honour Judge North's Order, to make the Home Secretary ‘disclose' anything relevant, will be ignored as have my previous applications under the DPA Act and Freedom of Information Act. No one seems to be accountable to anyone anymore, do they?


    Yours sincerely


    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Copy to





    HM Home Secretary,             Case number:  8CF02269


    22nd November 2008


    Re Judgment of £15,360 for False Imprisonment you owe me

    HM Partnership


    Dear Jacqui  Smith,

    You are due to appear on Tuesday in Cardiff court but there has been no ‘disclosure' as you promised His Honour Judge North, not even filed defences I require in rebuttal. You did not attend the 19th November 2008 hearing. Am I entitled to know why?

    I will do a financial deal with you if you ‘disclose', under CPR Sect 31 Rules, the following:

    • 1. Just what confidential records about me, held by the South Wales Police, were disclosed to Penningtons, solicitors, of Gutter Street and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons lay staff, contrary to Home Office Regulations 45/1987, causing erroneous information and a fictitious conviction against me to go before the RCVS court to have me struck of the veterinary register?


    • 2. Just what caused the 5 year ongoing ‘investigation' by a team of HM lawyers to have me certified as a vexatious litigant in the first place and just who else is behind this vast expense to the tax payer hell bent on withholding evidence concerning my false imprisonments and 10 years of consolidated police harassment by the South Wales Police?

     If you do ‘disclose' then will withdraw my Court Order for your £15,360 on Tuesday and pay YOU a similar sum for your kindness. The law allows me this evidence.

     There appears to be both a Malfeasance and An Abuse of Process within the HM Partnership here in South Wales all dependent upon ‘Her Majesty's Prerogative' for immunity from prosecution.

    Yours faithfully,


    Maurice J Kirk BVsc  

    Enclosed: Schematic flow chart dated 17th Dec 2007.

    Copy to Mr John Smith MP, &







    In The Cardiff Court                  Claim Nos.    CF6141159‐MC65, CF101741, CF204141

                                                                      4th Action 7CF07345  5th Action  8CF02269


    Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police


    Claimant's Response to Defendant's Position Statement  17th November 2008

     I, Maurice Kirk, as an Englishman in Wales, make this statement in response to the Defendant's position statement dated 17th November 2008.


    •1.       Yet again I rely on the ‘balance of probabilities' in civil law, my human rights, my Abuse of Process Application, listed for the 25th/26th November 2008 and my countless Disclosure Applications, over more than 16 years now, due to the malicious failure for proper Sect 31 Disclosure etc by the Defendant when applied for either by my original lawyers, my own Applications in Magistrates, Crown, County Courts and/or direct, in writing, as ‘litigant in person' unable to obtain independent legal representation.


    •2.       This 4th Action needs, I say again, to be adjourned in order for the Particulars of Claim to be simplified following that Disclosure in all Actions to which I am entitled under the law.


    •3.       Denial by the Defendant that 1) welsh court cases ever took place, 2) 34 {35} times I had to produce valid motoring insurance 2) aeroplanes were burnt out, 3) there was sufficient evidence to prosecute when I was thrown down the stairs into hospital by a known criminal in front of her officer and my wife, 4) Cardiff police took a crow bar to break into my veterinary surgery to re house a police inspector's daughter and drug dealer and 5) she had me sent to prison on the pretext I could not be "identified", is an indication that there should be a halt to these legal proceedings and an independent enquiry as to why the Welsh Authorities have gone to such  lengths to cover up the criminal conduct of a handful of reject attorneys.


    •4.       The 5th Action is currently levelled at the HM Home Secretary only because of the 16 years of ‘treacle treatment' here in Wales while an Englishman is attempting ‘due process' of statute law for reasonable compensation for a string of false imprisonments and harassment by the very same defendant each time. It appears she ceased and  her ‘activity' on the very day, 29th May 2002, the Defendant, complainant to the RCVS, obtained my name from being removed from the veterinary register in order that I may no longer ‘practice veterinary surgery' and have an income.


    •5.       The 200 odd police incidents, touched on in the current 4th Action Particulars of Claim, lie almost exclusively in the 10 year period of intense harassment by the South Wales Police, 1992-2002, details of which are set out in the original 3 Actions for damages. Documentation between parties prior to October 2002 and what was said in the 31st October 2003 hearing further confirms there was an agreement to adjourn further proceedings being lodged as to have done so could have jeopardised my basic right to have a trial by jury. The unlawful way I was denied a jury trial is history but will be referred to at The Court of Appeal as yet another example of malfeasance by those in positions of privilege.


    •6.       The reason for The HM Home Secretary, now to be represented in Cardiff court on the 25th November, to face the Abuse of Process Application in the 5 Actions is to allow the Management judge to hear how both the South Wale Police and RCVS made secret complaint to the HM Attorney General in the early 2000s in order to have me certified as a Vexatious Litigant and so jeopardise my rights, in law, in their respective Actions as defendants.


    •7.       On 31st October 2008 and in writing the HM Home Secretary admitted, for the first time by any one, that there had, in effect, been an ‘Abuse of Process' due to the conduct of the South Wales Police and lawyers employed by the RCVS to have my name removed from the veterinary register so as to impede income and so my ability for a fair trial.


    •8.        2003/6 leaked HM memos, [samples served on this court], confirm the conspiracy and explains why my own barrister was refused ‘sight of' Cardiff Court files, relating to all these 5 claims because they were apparently ‘lost'! They were no more ‘lost' than I am a Freemason. They were in Whitehall with the HM Attorney General. Many of the 130 odd files are ‘lost' now along with the file marked "Maurice J Kirk -Potential Vexatious Litigant" shown to me by Cardiff court Staff full of numerous communications between the police, Royal College of Veterinary surgeons and Home Office agents.....ALL FOR ONE PURPOSE.


    •9.        Refusal by HM Court Service to produce it now further confirms why a huge team of tax payer paid Whitehall lawyers today continue to ‘beaver away' to block exposure of  the conspiracy.


    •10.   The Management Judge's 31st Oct 2007 Internal Memo [enclosed] further confirms my worst fears suggesting my Abuse of Process Application should first be heard in the Cardiff Court. But I have delivered the ‘meat on the bone' to numerous courts and police stations from about the land and no one will lift a finger because this despicable cancer is rife throughout the British Judicial System by being dominated by devil worshipping freemasons.   


    •11.   The HM Home Secretary, represented by the HM Treasury Solicitor has now admitted it, in Cardiff court , before HHJ North and gave ‘undertakings', following my Applications under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act to ‘Disclose' the tape and transcript of the 28th October 2002 hearing when the South Wales Police referred to the agreement for no further incidents of alleged ‘harassment or malfeasance' were to be served on the Defendant  for fear it would be ‘document heavy' for a civilian jury to ‘understand'. What utter rubbish.


    •12.   No Disclosure by HM Treasury Solicitor has occurred and entry to his RCJ offices was refused. Why is there my evidence, needed now, somewhere in London, God knows where?



    •13.   Most of the defendant's current statement is plain verbiage printed off from the last such statement with one purpose only push up the costs with little regard as to who pays.


    •14.    Exactly the same conduct of her co-conspirators, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, who on each of my 10 monthly ‘de novo' applications for re instatement to the veterinary register, by simply pressing the repeat button on their computer £12,000 will again be granted, full costs, out of hand, when not even taxed or court papers read by the High Court judge. [See Royal Courts of Justice transcript and time sheets of Mr Justice McComb  in Kirk v RCVS July 2005 and witness statement of Mr Patrick Cullinane Esq. who saw it all]. It stinks doesn't it but who cares?


    •15.   I set a ‘test case' to show my web site readers, since my last application for Disclosure, to indicate just how widespread the incest and wickedness is, not just here in South Wales, should one become so unfortunately entangled with such an insular ‘authority'.


    •16.    In Oct 2008 I wrote to the Defendant and to my Parliamentary Representative, Mr John Smith MP, the latter having witnessed the very same scandal back in 2002 when Defendant admitted Christopher Ebbs was immune to prosecution. UK judges closed my web


    •17.    My 4th October letter was direct to the Barry police and a similar but a different 8th October letter was to Barbara Wilding, the Area Chief Officer, in response to Occurrence Numbers issued by South Wales Police following some random picked 40 odd incidents reported by me. I also wrote on the 16th October to the Defendant's lawyers for similarDisclosure'. Again, none responded with any ‘Disclosure' or as to what ‘progress' or lack of it [4th Action] had been made in the 40 odd incidents of complaint despite their original letters, each indicating they would.


    •18.   Further comment on the Defendant's 17th November 2008 position is futile in the absence of ‘Disclosure' of facts within her knowledge or by the HM Home Secretary and her agents. Failed access to ‘independent legal representation', to allow me to fairly present a ‘skeleton argument' and my claims for damages, is a further but far more widespread a conspiracy across the UK.


    •19.   Both Data Protection Act 1966 and The Human Rights Act 1998 are a farce and were written for one purpose only. The latter deliberately omits the most crucial paragraphs in the European Convention on Human Rights, ‘protection against malfeasance', conduct of the State, the main reason why it was signed in the first place, on 10th Dec 1948, 60 years ago.


    Signed:          Maurice J Kirk BVSc  18th Nov 2008


    Copy to John Smith MP &  &  Paris 10th Dec Protest... BE THERE

  • Lest We Forget


    Lest We Forget                                                                                         12th November 2008  Brittany, France

    It was five years ago, on a cold wet winter's night when I was en route through northern France to collect a bent Cessna 172 aircraft that had crashed in the Alps. I was later hit by a truck that set off the satellite beacon in her fuselage calling in a low flying military helicopter and ‘the rest' but that is a lighter story for some other time!

    Now I was nearing Lille city, on the Belgian border and with the aid of ‘cyber space' and the War Graves Commission had worked out just where father's brother's grave may be.

    I finally found the cemetery in the dead of night locked up like a fortress so a bedded down in the old car for the night. Light never really came. When someone turned up and unlocked the huge wrought iron gates it was still howling a gale with sheets of rain making it still quite dark- even at eight am.

     I decided to make a run for it, in all the wrong clothes and spent the next forty odd minutes getting drenched, dodging between the Yew trees, trying to locate the military section of this old town burial ground.

    Then there it was before me. First a large area of French soldiers, laid out in immaculate rows with an enormous Tricolour flag towering overhead fluttering and rumbling, making all the sounds of a sailing ship in a storm.

     Just to the left I recognised the British cemetery with their distinctive tomb stones boxed in by an immaculately kept low cut hedge with grass also cut to a standard fit for a billiard table.

    I had been dashing between points of shelter until now but this sight pulled me up abruptly and I was now almost creeping in anticipation as to what may be before me.

     I worked my way down the names  carved in the stones and had almost given up when, tucked in the corner was Uncle Maurice's grave with nineteen year old Private P O Winsor of the Pioneer Corps, killed on the day I was born, on one side and Brigadier TG Newberry MC, Lincolnshire Regiment, on the other.

    Even now I cannot start to put into words, now I have recovered, just what I felt when I first saw my own name carved on the tomb stone. I was now soaked through but stood there in the teaming rain clutching an equally wet camera with no intention what so ever of taking the photograph.

     Charles Dickens's book, ‘Christmas Carol' and the appearance of the ‘ghost to come', showing old Scrooge his future grave stone, came to mind but not just then. That only went through my mind much later, whilst driving home, my heavily laden trailer behind me as I headed for Calais and the English Channel.

    Dad was due to be there that same day as me with Celia, my little sister, en route from Holland to Brittany. Like me both father and Celia had not yet made this journey to Lille.

      I regret to this day my having been ‘unable' to wait for them that day as I had urgent appointments and a time table to keep. All quite pathetic, now I think back.

    Father had been with Maurice as veterinary students at the Royal Veterinary College, London graduating, eventually, in 1938.

      Together they caused, apparently, much fun and some havoc if I believe some of their fellow class mates' stories!

     Both Dame Olga and Mary Brancker had fond memories. The two boys had been in partnership running a country practice in Taunton, Somerset, when war broke out.

      Father tried for the Royal Air Force but was told he was more important working where he was but Uncle Maurice managed, much later, to be commissioned as Captain with the Royal Veterinary Corps in charge of a large number of horses and especially mules, needed to move munitions up to the front line.

    On the 3rd March Uncle Maurice died from poisoned food rations deliberately left behind by the retreating enemy and was buried in an open field with a few others struck down at the time.

    Yesterday on the 11th November I decided to return to the cemetery with the hope I could overcome my emotions this time and linger a while.

     I spent the evening before in town drinking with old war veterans and resistance fighters reminiscing the occupation, the sabourtage they had managed and the ridiculous price now of our drinks, Calva (Calvados, apple brandy)!

    At the cemetery I managed better constructive thought this time and with the sun, occasionally breaking thought the fast moving cloud, I managed to record for the family their great uncle's last resting place.

     I moved from tomb to tomb soon realising there had been death on French soil during specific periods of the war and every tomb stone had a story to tell about the human cost of war.

    First there were a few buried from the First World War tucked in a corner on their own. Second were the mid to late May1940 re guard losses, due to the chaotic retreat to Dunkerque and the incredible rescue by the ‘Armada' of small boats taking our soldiers back to ‘Blighty' to fight another day.

    Then I found a group of dead in their late teens and early twenties having died with Maurice in or around the spring of 1945 when both British and Commonweal servicemen and women returned to finish the business.

     A few Polish soldiers rested there also with the British having died of their wounds after V E Day, 8th May 1945.

    The next group really stirred me as if I was not already emotionally drained. I found small numbers, in twos and threes, Royal Air Force crew having clearly died together.

    The dates appeared random from between May 1940 to late 1944. A pilot, an air gunner and navigator no doubt boys together, not one over twenty five, victims of some night raid out of somewhere, in an Avro Lancaster bomber, may be?

    Then there was a Squadron Leader Kerry, just twenty one years old, on his own who perhaps, maybe, had been a Spitfire or Typhoon pilot also killed in that late summer of 1944.  

    I said goodbye and walked slowly through the cemetery gates only to be met by a sea of flowers. The locals with great bouquets of ever colour imaginable surged past me in order to honour their dead.

    I motored south, very quiet. It was coming up to eleven o'clock and the two minutes silence so I sought out a British grave yard called La Kreule near St Omer and Ypres, both places of terrible carnage and waste in World War One.

    This was, by description, a Commonwealth burial ground. I wandered through reading and thinking of their short lives, many from countries afar, ending in the deep mud of Flanders.

    Then, just after the silence, I espied a small white cross on the end of one of the lines of tomb stones. A French one I guessed, yes it was, the grave of an aviator. It read, RENAUL Henri Adjudant 2a Groupe  d'Aviation MORT POUR LA FRANCE le 08..05.1918 .

    "There must be some special story behind this burial", I thought. "He had been flying an Hispano- Suiza Vee inline engined 235 h.p. Spad or maybe a Niewport biplane?"

     My already fired up and fertile imagination was soon in overdrive.  "Au Revoir, Mon Vieux.", I stammered, turned and left for England.      

  • HM Deceit Since 1415, Denied 'Trial By Jury'

    HM Home Secretary’s Legal Defence Department,

     Campbell Street,


     Case Number 8CF02269


    17th November 2008


        Dear Sir,

    Maurice John Kirk – Potential Vexatious Litigant

    Judgment by Default for False Imprisonment £15,360


     I question the wording of the judgment of 31st Oct 2008. It states ‘defendant [HM Home Secretary] shall file defences or issue an Application to strike out.....To strike out my claim of false imprisonment was your application last time was it not? It was not struck out. Instead you were ordered to Disclose?


    I would suspect, in Cardiff, the judge has had a ‘communication’ [not unusual] with your HM department, since the hearing, to block any Disclosure surrounding as to who and why there has been 5 years of an ongoing 'investigation' employing a team of HM lawyers in Whitehall to block my applications of Disclosure.


    Who is paying?


    Disclosure in my police harassment Actions for damages and my demands for Disclosure from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as to just how they can withhold ALL ‘contemporaneous record’ of the original enquiry to get me struck off, instigated by your client, the South Wales Police, using the excuse it is all ‘privileged’ information will be pursued to the death.

     Yours and mine.

    Just how did the South Wales Police ‘invite’ the RCVS lawyers and lay staff to come down to Cardiff Central Police Station to examine confidential police records about me, my family and veterinary hospital, in the autumn of 2001?

    Your HM department has clearly given immunity to prosecution, hasn’t it?  All contrary to Home Office Regulations 45/1987, is it not?

    On the 31st October I served a sample of HM Treasury Solicitor department’s ‘internal memos’ leaked my way to support my action for Abuse of Process Application shortly be shredded on 25th November.


    You can stuff your £15,360 where appropriate as I told the judge; I want Section 31 Disclosure, under the law. 


     Disclose and we have a deal.


    Yours truly,  Maurice J Kirk BVSc

    Cc John Smith Esq.  MP &   


  • Home Secretary, South Wales Police and RCVS in Cardiff Court 25th November 10.30 All Invited

    In Cardiff Court, yesterday, I found a judge, at last, who appeared to 'grasp the nettle' and ordered HM to disclose the reasoning behind the 5 year, still ongoing enquiry, to certify me as a 'Vexatious Litigant'.

    The litigation was first ordered by HM Attorney General following information laid by both the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and South Wales Police, the latter being the original complainant to have me struck of the Veterinary Register and so lose income to fight them.

     I have been denied, ever since, any Section 31 Disclosure on this other than leaked HM ‘internal memos' between various Whitehall departments and HM Treasury Solicitor who, only yesterday, denied any knowledge of what was behind it all. I told the HM lawyer he was either mistaken or a blatant liar.

    All my court files and tapes of hearings in the past 10 years appear were with the HM Treasury Solicitor while HM Court Service denied all knowledge, knowing full well files were lost. HMCS even prevented my barrister being briefed with the ‘remaining court files' in order for him to address the Court of Appeal for me to have a Trial by Jury in my 15 year running South Wales Police Harassment Cases.

    Cardiff Court even say the critical October 2002 court tape, vital for 25th November 2008 Abuse of Process Application, is destroyed......utter nonsense.

    Both Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act served on the RCVS also proved a complete farce. SEE DOWNLOADS &

    Last week's 6th Refusal by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to even allow me to make an Application to the college committee,to be re instated as a veterinary surgeon, contrary to the 1966 Veterinary Surgeons Act, may well now gel the previous confusion in this case experienced by so many web site readers from  around the world. We sincerely hope so. My family and I are now entering the 16th year of litigation and serious hardship. 

    As much as they will try RCVS lawyers will never be able to change the 'truth' of the original facts withheld from the 2002 Trial and their continuing reliance of 'Her Majesty's Prerogative' and 1967 RCVS Royal Charter will only further undermine the original purpose of 'due process of law' and the right of any British citizen to a fair trial.