The advertisement in the aviation magazines, before the race, went somethiing like this......

"Maurice Kirk seeks sponsorship for single non return ticket to penal colony. CAA may apply." They didn't.

London to Sydney...I had made it and landed first..just one last manoevre....HHASELL CHECKS...

The bridge was now in sight but there were 3 police helicopters strategically positioned straddling the entrance to Sydney harbour!

Air traffic bantered out,"airrace 35 you do not have clearance to enter the harbour with the other race aircraft". This was repeated as if I was hard of hearing.

I acknowledged and quietly watched the loose formation of airrace 2001 fly over to the bridge some 1000ft above my head. The "bears in the air" lingered a while until suddenly they swooped away in the direction of a large bird with floats expressing her intention to land by the Opera House.

The r.t. that followed is privileged information, including my privilege of being there, hearing it and, like an old experienced dog fox coming to the rescue of a tired chased vixen, setting a new line and turning the hounds, the Albatross led them away leaving the cub to play another day.

We turned for Bankstown for the last time quite unaware of the overwelming reception yet to be encountered.

I wish to thank all who came, some who travelled so far, shook me by the hand, possibly unaware of anothers' generosity that really GOT ME THERE.

As the Prime Minister said, that night, "Maurice, you appear to have baffled bureaucracy with your little aeroplane"