'LibertyGirl' in the drink 82 miles south east of Caicos, West Indies on bearing of 331 degrees from Puerta Plata.

Last position: 20N-45-08 W071-21-29 on the 16th February at approximatly 15:30 local time. 15 knot wind from 120 degrees Magnitude.

She may be floating but dinghy leaking so she may be gone. Fantastic US Coast Guard team - pilots Julie Kuckco and Jeff Cowen AMTC, Brett Crosby winch man AST, Jon Geskus diver. If it wasn't for the beacon around my kneck, I'd be writing this from the bottom of the sea.

SPONSOR WANTED! To raise General Patton's WW2 cub.

Boyancy of Liberty Girl - can anyone calculate if she is still floating off Great Inagua, Bahamas?

  1. She has 26 gallons US in her wings and 10 gallons air space.
  2. Her fuselage is stuffed with polystyrene foam (peanuts).
  3. Cockpit has three half full standard UK refuse bags of foam.
  4. Four man life raft is tied to strut but was leaking as fast as I could pump!

I was dumping fuel from wing tanks from 4,500 feet to 500 feet at say, 400 feet a minute. 

If anyone spots her there's a reward of $2000 for sighting and lat/long information.
$4,000 for recovery onto dry land with minimum fuselage damage
N.B. Cut all fabric to release water from wings and fuselage before hauling her gently out of the water or you will destroy her!

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