A beautiful beach in Dili East Timor, with coco nut trees and locals selling their fish on the road side is my first sight of the day from a hotel balcony in Dili.

Plans to leave for Borneo are doubtful.

Diesel in my tanks is a different matter it took 2 hours to sort out, leaving it far to late to reach Borneo before dark.

Countless helpers, from a range of ethnic origins offer a hand to get spanners to drain the fuel lines, pipes to siphon and trips with plastic cans to the petrol station for plain old petrol or ‘motion lotion’. And is it hot? I am sun burnt by 12 and, with a splitting head ache, quite unfit to fly, yet alone reach Borneo, 700 miles to the north west.

Urgent messages from the UK about the Royal Courts of Justice and the Royal College Judicial Review, hinder my day’s work. The Appeal procedure demanded I return in 7 days. Funny how it came through once I had left the jurisdiction of the UK, when they could have easily communicated with me on the matter long before I left. 

I sleep close to the airport this time as I have to be in the air at very first light to reach Borneo by sun set.