I have just spoken to M who is hoping to leave East Timor today and is planning to do 700 miles to get to Borneo by night. He has had a problem - his aeroplane was refuelled with diesel and not AV gas as requested. So, today was spent draining and cleaning it out. I mentioned that he is sending rather a lot of unedited, poor quality, photos and video clips and seem to have hurt his feelings in the extreme. I suggested that less, better quality would be more...Would someone mail him with some instructions please?

Have just opened an e mail from Maurice which shows to my relief, that M has taken advice: (mine, the lady from Carlos' Chip shop and just about everyone else) and had his hair cut. He looks a bit more respectable in the shorn state - less mad and more reasonable. As mother points out - he scrubs up well when he bothers. Lets hope there are less incidents now. There are also photos of a shirt with scrambled egg on the shoulders, his belly (I don't know why) and his getting into his dry suit with a lot of help (toothpaste and tubes come to mind). Anyway the old devil looks OK and unscathed by his Heathrow debacle.

It seems that he had no clearance to land in East Timor despite assurances that he did and so he has spent the day "dealing with beauraucracy" which could mean a number of things...G. Kirk (human) is missing M a lot. We are following his progress on her globe. - KK