Just arrived Hong Kong for Macau by boat to suss out storage with Hong Kong Flying Club.

Looking for engineers to possibly put diesel engine on cub to get through Russia as they currently refuse cub on petrol. (is there anyone in the world out there able to find me a approx 100hp diesel engine of about 100kg or preferably less? e-mail maurice@kirkflyingvet.com, please.

Also China still refusing entry via Vietnam so I am here to ooze 'Kirk'charm to see if I can come into china via phillipines but the runway here is a bit frightening...NEVER land in a field unless you are sure you can fly out again and on the back of a lorry......I cannot even see the hedge at the other end, unless I land across it but then the width will frighten me.

Spent 2 hours on phone with vodafoone and still the gprs is no bloody good and the mobile phone is flat.

Hey!!! Cathay Pacific Airlines best food, a cracking gin and tonic and the staff.....magic off to find 'Sweet Pea' Miller, Mike Miller's lovely
widow....she told me yesterday was he was killed 4 years to the day.

Will send lots of photos and diary when systems start working.