Mobile does not work, GPRS does not work, I am yet to meet someone in Hong Kong who has ever heard the name Vodafone! Apart from a splendid fish supper in a back street, this has been yet another disasterous day!

In the deserted departure lounge my swollen ankle gave in completely, I was too far from the aircraft or for any one around to help carry my luggage, another flight missed. It took an hour to get back out off departure lounge just in time to miss the last train back in town at 1 am. Then a day on the pavements and lugging gear about, no news from HK Flying club on China access. I'm failing to get the computor GPRS working for the 3rd day, has finished off my leg and head for 24 hours

Just met a Vietnam vet, James, who was shot down in an F4 jet in '71 only to be shot down again in a Huey 2 days later, that came to rescue him.....he escaped on foot 6 days later (he turned down the chance to use a Harrier that day).

Perhaps I'll find and share a bottle of whisky with him tonight, share a few stories (anyway my ankle needs the medication). The pain doesn't let me think straight so the alternative is I kip right here on the floor as it is 2 am and I am dog tired.