Things to do today: 

Find Foreign Office website for visa search for eight countries -
Indonesia, need to visit London
Brunei and Malaysia no visas needed
East Timor need entry permit, get in Darwin
Cambodia arrange on arrival
Laos arrange on arrival
China Vietnam needs a visit to London Embassies
Thailand not needed

Still cannot find a map, chart or Atlas to choose a route, my ‘o’ level education getting a little rusty, or is it a senior moment?

Insurance ….cannot get any anywhere with this and now there’s coffee all over the lap top!!

London Air Show on Friday - might go and find someone there and a sponsor for various pieces of equipment? GPS, charts, headset, handheld, fuel/oil, money?… on aircraft!

Now, onto planing a route:

- Darwin to Dili, East Timor
- Dili to Hasannudin
- Hasannudin to Balikpapan
- Balikpapan to Labuan
- Labuan to Ho Chi Minh
- Ho Chi Minh to Phnom
- Penh Phnom to Danang
- Danang to Hanoi
- Hanoi to Macau