Hi Alex,

How's school?......made any gunpowder yet or put the leibig condenser to good use?

Spent the day with the "sparky", a wonderful chap from Roumania, called Livui. The job in hand was to fit both the transponder and wind generator. The hope was that the latter has enough punch to kick out the best part of 5 amps to run also the main vhf transmitter.

I may have to resort to a steep dive, on full throttle and beyond VNE, before I can speak to anybody!! Well what's new?

On a hand-held only, all the way from South Wales to here, was a reminder to some, but not all, as to why do we need one anyway, as long as we keep away from the most congested airspace?

The new scuttle tank should arrive today, my having removed the old one in readiness.

Giving one of my talks to North Shore Aero Club and friends on Sunday.

Must go, need to organise services on Norfolk Island as the flight to Lord Howe Island is 560 miles for the old girl. May have to stay on the island with the locals waiting for best weather and a tail wind! May pick up some of their ancestors' habits.

READ Sir Francis Chichester's book...." Alone Over The Tasman Sea", 1931 and try and obtain a copy for me as it is out of print.

Love Dad

PS accused of doing 90 in a 50 late last night...."when in Rome....Alex"