This is a marvellous post, as it shows the poster that Maurice used when he stood for election in Guernsey some 20 years ago. He nearly made it to make a difference on that tax heaven! 

The post also shows the video interview that was taken while he was on Jersey: a nice summary of where he is at in these "exciting times"...

An e-mail came from Rear Admiral Sir Norman Scarth:

It is blindingly obvious that the reason they will not produce your medical records is that you do not have a brain tumour, & never did have:  That it was a complete fiction by that evil man 'Doctor' Tegwyn Williams to give an excuse to lock you away for life, at the behest of then Ch. Constable Barabara Wilding who, as Chairwoman of a Big Lottery Fund, was able to hand out large sums of money to Williams.  In Cardiff Crown Court on October 1st 2009 I stood up & likened him to the Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele.  That is NOT an exaggeration.  Nobel Laureate Solzhenitsyn said "To put a sane person in a madhouse (his word) is worse than the gas chamber: the torture is more cruel, death takes longer".   So it was for Andy McCardle

Please forgive me if I now mention my own case, but it IS relevant.  After four years in prison for a NON-EXISTENT 'crime', I had 'paid my debt to society' & was due to walk free.  Instead I was unlawfully carted off to Newton Lodge Gulag 'Hospital', Wakefield, a most evil place.  When I asked the Home Office by what authority I was taken there, they said 'Two Doctors' had said I was suffering from some (un-named) 'mental illness'. 

For more than five years I have been asking for the names of those doctors, but without success.  Nor have I been allowed to see my medical records during that time, in spite of many requests.  The reason is of course, the 'two doctors' do not exist.  There are in fact THREE doctors who DO exist, all of whom said I was NOT suffering from any mental illness!   

Tegwyn Williams could not take action against me for what I said in Cardiff Crown Court, but he can now that I have repeated it outside.  He can either sue for defamation, or apply for an injunction to stop me repeating it.  I invite him to do so.  To their shame, the GMC are as bad as Williams, protecting the evil ones among them, just as they did with Harold Shipman.      

Norman Scarth

The reader may note the deafening silence of the UK media and guess just who first suggested to Maurice it would be wise to seek asylum in France before he is killed.