Despite receiving morphine and other strong pain killers, Maurice J Kirk will act as Claimant and Plaintiff in Cardiff County Court on Tuesday, September 7th. His hip replacement was scheduled to take place on July 20th, but surgeons refused to operate without medical records. While a psychiatrist claimed serious brain damage and possibly brain tumour, Kirk’s many attempts to get access to his records or an adjournment of trial have failed.

Known as the Flying Vet, Maurice Kirk has suffered from harassment by South Wales Police since 1977. Harassment included being jailed 20 times and sectioned in a psychiatric hospital, besides enduring police ignored arson, the stealing of cars and motor bikes and numerous break-ins into his surgery in five years.

This list is far from being exhaustive, as he filed nearly 50 judicial review applications and won over 100 cases whilst only losing twelve. Mr Kirk has discovered so much police criminality that he relies on the web as the most transparent publishing medium, even though his website was closed down by judges and emails were blocked, too.

Maurice Kirk wants to let the general public know about the reality of what he calls “HM Partnership”, the collaboration between agencies that even succeeded in getting him struck off the registry of Veterinary Surgeons. “Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement” (MAPPA) is the technical term to justify the kind of surveillance that he has been suspecting for decades.

It now emerged that Mr Kirk was under MAPPA management Category 3 from 8th June 2009 until 17th December 2009. This was released following the Court’s request for information and was identified by Adrian Paul Oliver of Dolmans in Cardiff.

Mr Oliver’s statement does not contain details about other levels of categorisation previously managed. Category 1 applies to sexual and Category 2 to violent offenders. Category 3 refers to offenders who pose a risk of serious harm such as terrorists. However, Mr Kirk’s solicitor claims there is no offence, hence Mr Kirk is no offender. Furthermore, Cardiff Prison denied MAPPA surveillance whilst he was in their custody.

The trial is about countless false imprisonments, malicious prosecutions and failure to properly investigate crimes committed against Mr Kirk and his family in his house, surgery, law courts and, in particular, the court of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. It is expected to rely on disclosure of evidence and to last for 10 weeks.

"It is utterly disgraceful and unacceptable in any civilised society that a man and his family who have been so badly harmed by public officials are not offered any redress, remedy or resolution, let alone apologies or compensation. White collar crime is much more pervasive than most people know, but governments deny responsibility. We hope that the Coalition Government with its intent to take white collar crime as seriously as any other, will bring justice where injustice has ruled.” Sabine K McNeill, Web Publisher


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