23rd July        6pm.   Big Big big party in Kingsdown, Bristol tonite, friends converging from all over UK   tel 0790793793  and then some of us for Farnborough Air Show in the small hours   Mid day.....much champaigne and tears as the seagals look for their land legs during the media hype of a world record!   8 am Gen and I sitting on the rocks, waiting for Belinda and her crew to row by, below HMS President and a stone's throw from HMS Archer moored up.  Site of this fast drug smuggler catcher brings back happy memories of Alderney Bridport night runs loaded with brandy and king size ciggies, at 10p a packet, in a rotting old 15foot Shearwater catamaran to buy my first aircraft.....oh so long ago!   see www.seagals.co.uk  

18thy July 7pm.    Just spoken to 'Birthday Girl' Belinda. They are just off Great Yarmouth and have about 130 nautical miles to row to Tower Bridge see. Blog below http://kirkflyingvet.com/blogs/kirks_blog/archive/2010/04/19/chip-off-old-block.aspx  and http://www.seagals.co.uk    ETA some time Thursday, 22nd July..... and  just as I am 'under the knife' in a South Wales hospital. Alex, can you carry two cases of champaigne to London, for me, on the back of your Hornet motor bike?

Contact MJK 07907937953 who's bedding down near by


Belinda Kirk Rowing Around UK 

18thy July

7pm.    Just spoken to Belinda..they are off Great Yarmouth and have about 130 nautical miles to run to Tower Bridge see.http://www.seagals.co.uk 

ETA some time Thursday, 22nd July,.....  just as I am 'under the knife' in a South Wales hospital.

15th July

No chance to have tea and crumpets with Walter and Nuala Sweeney (past MP of Vale of Glamorgan and possible future Home Secretary) with  a great bunch of kids as they row past Hull....serious weather . Now one of the crew with broken hand trying to avoid an oil tanker?  What date will they be rowing under Tower Bridge? Friday?....watch this space

11th July

Belinda and all girl crew are beating the male team around UK....they are off Northumberland coast, down hill all the way!

1st June

Dad with Belinda's little sis, Genevieve, reserve rower, hot foot from her 'state of the art' training in a hired rowing boat somewhere off shore of Hampton Court, watches Holly Branson, in swinging wind and rain, start the two team race, abeam Traitor's Gate and Tower Bridge.

see http://www.dottracker.co.uk/MyTracks/RaceResultsViewer.aspx?RaceEventId=c00266f2-0b67-482e-b66a-efdeab05a195

Bang!!!    As HMS Belfast lets off her 4inch shell salvo.... and they are off!!!

Gen to swim out to the 'Yellow Banana' should cramp, blisters or plain exhaustion should set in..... 

1st June

Sir Richard Branson is being leant a 1914 Lewis Machine, it is strongly rumoured, to start the Tuesday,1st June, rowing boat race from Tower Bridge.

Two boats battling out, four girls in one and four boys in the other. Belinda Kirk will skipper the 'Yellow Banana', evens favorite to be first past the finishing line....I am taking bets.

Video and photos also on http://www.seagals.com/ 


Dad....some info...

On 1st June 2010, myself and three other ladies will leave Tower Bridge to row around Great Britain non-stop and completely un-aided. In a 24ft rowing boat, we will face unpredictable and extreme conditions rowing through the huge swells, gales and busy shipping channels of the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. We will become the FIRST WOMEN TO ROW AROUND BRITAIN, as well as raising money for Help For Heroes in the process.

SeaGals Prize Draw: £150 to win four girls and a boat!

For only £150 per entry a company could win a sponsorship package worth £15,0000+. There are 100 tickets available in the SeaGals Prize Draw. For every £150 ticket bought a company will be entered once into the prize draw. Multiple entries are allowed by each company but only 100 tickets will be sold. The Grand Prize is The SeaGals Title Sponsorship Package: The winning sponsor will be incorporated into the team name eg "XX XX SeaGals" and will have a prominent presence on the interior (for filming) and exterior of the boat and the SeaGals website. The sponsor would also be mentioned in press releases and be featured in our promotional videos which will be on our website as well as provided to regional TV and online channels. The crew would be available for motivational speaking and other appearances, and their identities used in corporate promotional material.

As well as the Grand Prize, every company that enters the SeaGals Prize Draw will have a logo, link and description on the SeaGals website www.seagals.co.uk. They will be invited to fundraising events and receive email updates of the SeaGals progress.

The other sponsorship option is for £1000+. Sponsors would be guaranteed a medium sized logo on the boat. Only six of these positions are being sold and two have already gone.

For more information, please have a look at the attached sponsorship proposal. If you have any questions give me a buzz on 07990 710304. 


Belinda  xxx

Belinda Kirk

The SeaGals