Maurice is feeling extremely isolated from the outside world. He's alone in a cell for most of the day with nothing to occupy his normally hyperactive mind, and his wife Kirstie is very concerned for his health. She has asked whether anyone following this blog might like to send him a letter of support to lift him up a little?  If you're so inclined here's how you can get in touch. 

Leaving comments on this blog - You need to sign in using your account login details (username/password) or join the blog in order to leave comments. See the links at the top right hand side of this page. We'll print out the comments periodically and post them on to Maurice.

Sending letters/postal orders direct to Maurice - The following information should get a letter through to him.

Write on the envelope:

Number AK6632
Name: Kirk, Maurice John
Wing: NOT 47

Address: H.M. Prison Cardiff, Knox Road, Cardiff, CF24 0UG