My proposed deportation is based on false information already confirmed by the British Embassy, Secret Service, FBI and the Sheriff of McLellon County. All but the British Embassy at the scene of the alleged offence.

Further, senior DHS officers, Orlando Gardona and Special Agent Jason C. Gadberry, together, told me on the date of the charge, I had landed my aircraft on a public highway thereby being in breach of section 237 (a) (4) (A) (ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act i.e. "engaged in criminal activity which endangers public safety".

Further, on 1st May the deputy sheriff authorised me to fly the aircraft away from the field in which I landed, incidentally more than 500ft from a public highway.

The Federal Aviation Authority confirmed to me and witnessed by two US pilots (anxious to recover the aircraft from Belville on my behalf) the landing was lawful. FAA contacts are: Mr Arnold Thermeyer, Mr Brian Troupe and Mr Doug Gould.

In respect of the incident, subject to the pilot's licence and airworthiness of the aircraft, I had committed no offence and "put you to the proof here of".

The FAA have obtained both police and secret service statements that I had landed the aircraft in a farmer's field, not a highway, in bad weather well away from the restricted P-49 zone surrounding the US president's Texas ranch.

1s PA Notams stated my right to conduct a flight from Commanche, Texas to the incident site. This was also confirmed by two US pilots at Hamilton Aerodrome (I have names).

If I had infringed any civil or criminal law or was "engaged in a criminal activity which endangers public safety or national security" how come I was offered a lift before witnesses at Austin State Hospital by the police and secret service?

The secret service area supervisor with fellow officer at A.S.H. offered me a lift to fly the aeroplane from the field unsupervised - not a lawman officially in sight, unless you include SS agents on adjacent land filming it?. If any law had been violated or was likely to be violated how was it I was left in command to fly that aircraft in any direction I liked if it had not been decided by the president's men, the FAA, the FBI, the A.S.H. court and "uncle John Cobbly and all" that I was a danger to national security.

Later that night, 200 miles away, while on a holding charge of "public intoxication" fabricated by the arresting officer, while submitting still further nonsense to the DHS, based on hearsay, I had my bailbond waivered and offered an open door. Why?

The British Embassy, Houston had just informed me that the secret service, upon hearing of DHS involvement, had offered to expedite the issues, for all the obvious reasons and had offered, without deportation, to

have me immediately released from Belville Jail and get me on a Houston flight home for the UK (my flight is rebooked Orlando 6am - London Wed 6th May 08).

That is why Judge Terri resinder waived the $500 bailbond for my immediate release and took into account my time in custody should I be persuaded to change my plea of not guilty for a $300 fine misdeameanor strenuously denied.

The outcome of what was a perfectly harmless approach to thank the Officer in Chief of the US coastguard for recently saving my life has turned out to be a nightmare and warning to others.

I require this statement of truth to be sworn under affidavit US Regulations and be submitted to the highest authority for reconsideration.

I never wavered my right to have this case go before a US court of law (form 1-791). Copy to British Embassy please.

Thank you and God help America.

Maurice J Kirk 3rd May 08