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Musas Arrested for Conspiring to Steal their own Childen and Everybody Escaped being Sectioned

Enid Blyton could not have made this up!!! Anyone knowing which court tomorow, lunch is on me! Bring 'renta crowd' and megaphones......and there I was, getting drunk because I failed to get this wickedness to Crown Court tomorrow. Could be Haringey...

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Metropolitan Police Stupidly Rely on Dr Tegwyn Williams 's Falsified August 09 Psychiatric Reports to have me Sectioned to Broadmoor

Imagine the scene ... the old fashion environment that the legal trad are determined to kill, [jury and lay magistratyes] two lay magistrates in Haringey, of all places, listening to a CPS guy frANTIC TO HAVE ME LOCKE AWAY FOR LIFE. So what does he have...

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With "Solicitors from Hell" to "Tottenham Custody" and on to "Highbury Magistrates"!

London In his attempts to get the Musa children out of the clutches of Haringey Council , Maurice visited Tottenham Police Station with them today. As a result, he has been detained. I was told "he's been looked after, wondering whether he has...

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Haringey Council refuses Consular Visit to Nigerian Children - Letter to Home and Foreign Secretary

After my release from London's Holborn police cell, with all allegations laughed out of court, I might even have experienced a touch of sadness to leave such a bunch of 'Peelers' of the old school. I was treated throughout my incarceration...

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Michelle Collins, when did you last see the Missing 11 Year Old Little Girl F, Disappeared for 13 months?

To: Subject: Re: Missing Children Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 17:16:33 +0200 Hi John, I will offer £1000 reward to anyone who produces a video of F in which she recounts 1:-her experiences since April 2010 when she was taken,up to...

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Haringey Council's Barrister and Children's Solicitor make False Claims so that Judge Imprisons Maurice

Not being family means you don't get information from Holborn Police Station. As McKenzie Friend, I was eventually told he was detained for nearly five hours until 6.10pm, without any charges or further action. Meanwhile, I've pieced this together...

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Regina v Haringey Borough Council re Child Snatching Cover up @ Holborn Family Courts 10 am

On 5 th September the Nigerian parents of six children, ‘snatched' by Haringey Council in June 2010, waited all day in the London Family Court to oppose the Council's application to renew an Interim Care Order (ICO), as the Council and police...

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UK Family Courts' Royal Charter Immunity to Prosecution used to Snatch Children for Cash

"We were in court today from 9:30am and ****** *renewed the Interim Care Order on the phone with Judge Hess, while we were waiting for the hearing. By 4pm we were called before Judge Berry who told us the ICO has been renewed on the phone by judge...

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Police Steal my Computer and Original Witness Statements Confirming their Conspiracy with Dr Tegwyn Williams

I have just been released from police cells only to be admitted into hospital for abdominal investigations. I enclose part of what I think is going on by the part prepared affidavit below. This is only my current draft preparation for a final sworn affidavit...

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Computer confiscated to cover up the new evidence about Police tampering with the machine gun

Meirion put it somewhat in his second comment to the previous post: "they have just been acting as thugs in stealing his scanner, his memory sticks and computer to protect their HM Partnership buddies ." Maurice had visited one of the most serious...

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