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Maurice on video in Jersey - Dec 2010

A 12-minute interview that clarifies Maurice's dilemma and how he keeps going because he represents lots of people whose human rights have also been violated in the HM Court Service...

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South Wales Police have a firearms response which could mean that the MAPPA subject would be shot

Just in case the reader thinks that Maurice is "over the top", or, as was quoted on page 19 of the latest 40-page judgement on preliminary matters, his "burning sense of injustice is based upon real or imaginary fact", I thought it...

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Kirk asks for asylum claiming ‘Welsh police want to kill me’

This is the headline in the article by Guernsey Press and on the site Vue des Isles - which carries a nice and fitting quotation: "Always be yourself because the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind." And...

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Man seeks asylum in Alderney

This is the link to a TV programme accompanied by this text: Former Channel Island resident, flying vet Maurice Kirk - who once dressed up as Nazi for a court appearance and tried to fly out of Guernsey in the name of Rudolf Hess - is seeking asylum in...

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Duty of Care, Abuse of Process, Failed Disclosure, Human Rights Act Infringements

The headline is a copy of the "details of claim" that Maurice submitted on 28 th November 2007, as what he calls "4 th action". The document spells out the reasons for "the Claimant's right to have a Trial by Jury for the...

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Kirk asks for asylum claiming "Welsh police want to kill me"

This is the headline of a big article in the Guernsey Press today, 1st December. Unfortunately it can't be read fully without subscription. Am working on getting the whole article.

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"Just, fair and reasonable" or the justification of legalised violence?

I'm new to "legalese" and have only read as many of Maurice's documents as I deemed necessary in the attempt to understand the big picture and to clean up his website so that I could promote it. Today's 40-page " judgment on...

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South Wales Judge throws out Maurice's 18 year Argument of Police Harassment and Deliberate Inaction to Investigate Crime against him and his Family

His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC 's 30th November 2010 Preliminary Judgment here . This cannot be understood without The Claimant's Rebuttal to Strike Out Incidents his 'schedule' of 41 motoring incidents. Whilst in Alderney , Channel...

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> 170 Signatures, wonderful comments and more than 2,100 page views

What a wave of support and encouragement on our online petition ! What lovely comments to illustrate that Maurice is far from alone in realising what is going on. In fact, the comments reflect very much those that we gathered with the Stop the Oppression...

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Maurice in Channel Islands for Talks

Guernsey Monday 29th Nov, Alderney 30th November, Jersey 2nd Dec. Not the 'salty' sort, Jersey Friday, Guernsey Saturday, Alderney, Le 'Centre de l'Univers', Sunday, ...for the rest of my life, if I could fiddle it... Researching 'HM'...

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