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"If you put me back into that prison, they will kill me." Cardiff Magistrates Court, Tuesday, Nov. 15th

These were Maurice's words as the Magistrates Court took a lunch break today. His supporters saw his swollen ankles. He had told them not only about the freezing cell, but also the 17 prison officers who had beaten him. First and foremost prison officers...

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17 Prison Officers on the Way to Sectioning - in Hospital and Freezing Punishment Wing

Once again: no author could make up what the combination of South Wales Police, Dolman's Solicitors, HMCS (Wales) and HMP Cardiff can come up with to give Maurice a hard time - above all, to protect Dr Tegwyn Williams and his Caswell Clinic establishment...

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Anybody who's ever doubted the Multi-Agency Conspiracy is invited to read these 5 pages of leaked minutes

It is said that Wales is the test bed for Police State UK. The Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement (MAPPA) is one such mechanism that was started in Wales. Being categorised level 3, like Maurice was, means being treated like the top most violent...

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Six weeks of prison (unconvicted, no sentence) on four pages to Court of Appeal

Maurice has been figting "lost causes" for all his life. But I sincerely hope that his own "civil action for damages"will not be a 'lost cause'. After all, his record of winning legal actions against three police forces is...

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"HM Shrinks" to support South Wales Police, Crown Prosecution and HM Court Services (Wales)

On the prison computer (PNC) it seems to state that Maurice is unconvicted, with an unknown sentence. But it has been changed to suit the needs of whoever orchestrates this campaign to ruin him as many others' lives have been and are being ruined...

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Who Governs HMP Governors? Who ensures Human Rights for Prisoners?

It obviously helps to have prison experience, if you want to survive those limitations and de-humanisations. When Norman Scarth realised how severely hampered Maurice was, while he does have a few court proceedings to look after, he pointed out that litigants...

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Who is afraid of British Police?

In Nigeria, ordinary people, Parliament and Senate campaign to get the Musa family reunited, after Haringey Police kidnapped their six children - the youngest baby even in a hospital outside their borough. Lately, they also showed up in yet another borough...

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£8 per week telephone money and £6.68 in the canteen

You can't make it up: cash needs to be sent by postal orders made payable to HMP Governor but get cashed only once a month. To send £50 costs £6.20. Maurice phoned yesterday to say he has been allowed £8 per week on telephone calls he can spend £6...

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Cry for Support as Maurice has not telephoned for two days!

Maurice used to call two of us every day. He has either no money or our numbers have been blocked or both. This is therefore an appeal to support Maurice in whatever way you find appropriate: write to prisoner no. A7306AT in HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, South...

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Is it worth being on hunger strike? Who's worse: South Wales Police or Haringey Council?

On the positive side, somebody high up has ordered South Wales Police to return his legal papers Tottenham Police Station and Cardiff Central Station are ordered to hand over everything concerning him South Wales Police' Solicitors have sent a judgement...

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