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FAO Area Managers, NHS, Talbot, South Wales 19th January 2011 Dear Mr Sissling, NHS Withheld Medical Records Hip Operation, on 20th January in France to go ahead, following late phone call from Morgan...
01-19-2011 99 Download
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Downloads shortly of evidence Thousands of WANTED posters, DEAD or ALIVE and proof will be scattered by aircraft across Wales and the South of England in the coming months Manager Cardiff County Court...
05-13-2011 37 Download
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At last! But who is not holding his breath?
01-17-2011 162 Download
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Can anyone out there help, please?
01-03-2011 79 Download
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NOW PROVED. Ten Cardiff Crown Court Judges knew, all along that Barbara Wilding had me MAPPA (level 3) using her powers, as Chief Constable, to attempt to have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health...
09-09-2010 96 Download
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Maurice watches, after nearly eighteen years, 'the wheel come full circle' as Cardiff judges who, due to judicial conduct in the 90s, in around ten farcical Crown Court hearings, when each judge...
10-13-2010 92 Download
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A much fabricated false and misleading document written by South Wales Multi Agent collusion input following a favourable court application for disclosure of the monthly 2009 clandestine monthly meetings...
12-31-2010 113 Download
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Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Roger Wood, both of South Wales, agreed to concoct a medical record on a remand prisoner, at the behest of South Wales Police in order to lock him away without trial. Anything...
01-05-2011 89 Download
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Yet another Royal Charter organisation with all its outdated anomilies see download and 25th January House of Lords meeting The following 2nd letter was sent following my visit to my doctor for yet more...
01-13-2011 120 Download
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Money no object, time not importent, the Welsh HM court Service and Crown Court judges are determined to get their 0.45 kilo of flesh for my exposing the machine gun conspiracy, police attempt to have...
05-10-2011 16 Download
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