Welsh HM Court Service Cabal

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Date Added : 05-10-2011

Money no object, time not importent, the Welsh HM court Service and Crown Court judges are determined to get their 0.45 kilo of flesh for my exposing the machine gun conspiracy, police attempt to have me shot and the Dr Tegwyn Williams (in the dep pockets of Southe Wales Police) fraudulant medical reports to have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act to Broadmoor, IPP, most likely for life.

10 Cardiff judges knowingly refused me bailed in a joint attempt for Dr will;iams to fabricat over 4 moths 5, at least, false medical reports immune to prosecution as in the pay of HM Partnership.

Please study the Judicial Rewview download on what the judges in Cardiff Magistrates now are prepared to do about these criminal acts by Dr Williams.

Be my guest and come along on Friday or early next week.



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