Dr Tegwyn Williams Claims Disproportionate £6,000 Costs in Bus Fares Petty Debt Action

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Date Added : 01-19-2011

FAO Area Managers,

NHS, Talbot, South Wales

19th January 2011

Dear Mr Sissling,

NHS Withheld Medical Records

Hip Operation, on 20th January in France to go ahead, following late phone call from Morgan Cole ,solicitors, for NHS, saying, if my Welsh GP asks Mr David Sissling, NHS Area Manager, for South Wales, he will obtain the information from Dr Tegwyn Williams of what he told the 2nd December 2009 Crown Court. Court transcript reveals I had a brain tumour and therefore too dangerous to be released and must be sent to a High Security Prison, like Broadmoor.

But fresh medical evidence, on the 17th December 2009, given to the MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) of police, prison ,probation and social services, hosted by Dr Tegwyn Williams, in the Caswell Clinic Bridgend, found his evidence had been proved false so the Prison casually told me, that same afternoon, nothing other than I was no longer MAPPA level 3, terrorist level and likely now to be eligible for bail!

I understand yet another UK doctor is seriously concerned and has written to the GMC, direct, about this lack of clarification on such a serious subject as a brain tumour.

It is urgent, this morning, that you arrange this clarification with my Barry GP and for me to have copy to deliver, this afternoon, to the hospital in France



 Morgan Cole solicitors


19th January 2011

Re- Dr Tegwyn Williams and Crown Court , Caswell Clinic, General Practioner and Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) Medical Records withheld when required since June 2010 by  Welsh and now French Surgeons before an Total hip Replacement Operation could be Performed

Dear Madam,

Thankyou for your telephone call , last night, AT LAST  giving me  assurance that if my GP in Wales immediately contacts, again, the appropriate NHS personnel with the missing medical information , known to Dr Tegwn Williams, needed for clarification, it will be released before lunch, in order for the operation to go ahead on the 20th January 2011.

Your apparent black mail tactic has worked. By serving on me an extortionate bill of costs for £6000, just for my claiming for out of pocket expenses, in the Petty Debts court, for travelling, numerous times to the Caswell Clinic, following your client's promises relevant medical records were awaiting collection at the porters lodge, only to be refused.

Records to be released, this morning, I understand from you, about my serious medical condition of significant brain damage and possible brain tumour, will be from November 09 to 9th February 2010 and will be complete. You said you would also put it in writing.

On 9th February 2010 it was considered safe, now, to release me back into society as the South Wales Police no longer considered me a serious risk to the general public.

Withdraw Claim

There is little point in my pursuing my petty debt claim, on the 20th January 2011, in Cardiff, for the bus and taxi fares so I am willing to sign  your proposal but expired yesterday.


 You state your £6000 bill will not be pursued subject to my signing I no longer need those unusual, extreme and indefinite medical records, falsified by your client, Dr Tegwyn Williams whilst under pressure from the South Wales Police to interfere in the ongoing civil damages claim for numerous malicious prosecutions and false imprisonments.

I need to have, urgently, your new proposals in the light of this agreement to disclose records.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc


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19 January 2011

Dear Mr Kirk

Maurice Kirk v Dr Tegwyn Williams
Claim Number 0CF03922

We refer to your letter emailed to us earlier today.

We would refer you to the email sent by our Miss Tina Whitman at 10.35 am this morning,
which advised you of the correct procedure to be followed in order to allow your treating
consultant to obtain any records which he or she considers necessary in order to undertake any
treatment you require.

As advised, the appropriate procedure is for your treating consultant to write to Morgan
Cole with details of the records required and we will arrange for Abertawe Bro Morgannwg
University Local Health Board (‘the LHB') to action the request in accordance with their usual
procedures and provide the records directly to your consultant. As we have previously stated,
no request for records has previously been received by the LHB from either your treating
consultant or your GP.

We note from your letter that you understand that the records will be released today and
provided to your doctors in France by tomorrow. We must stress that that is incorrect and does
not reflect what we advised you, either by telephone or email. As stated, no records can be
released until your treating consultant makes a written request and even if that request were
to be received today, it would not be possible to get the records to the relevant doctors by

Further, as you accept, you have already received all of your records as held by the LHB.
As we understand it, the period which you, and your consultant, are interested in relates to
December 2009 to February 2010. These records were disclosed, in their entirety, to you on 9
June 2010. Therefore, you already hold all of the relevant records and these could be provided

K:\Health\A\ABMU LHB 448470\00048 - Maurice Kirk\2011 01 19 mr kirk.doc

to your consultant by you if required. For the avoidance of doubt, we can advise that if your
consultant were to request records from the LHB, then he or she would not receive anything
different from that which has already been disclosed to you. However, as stated, if your
consultant were to make a request, then the LHB would process this as they would any other

We also understand from your letter that you are prepared to discontinue your claim against Dr
Williams on the terms set out in our letter of 7 January 2011. If this is the case, then we would
be grateful if you could sign and return the attached consent order today. May we suggest that
you either scan the signed document and email it to us or fax it to us on 00 44 29 20 385300?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Morgan Cole LLP


Morgan Cole, solicitors and barrister,

19thJan 2011

Dear Madam,

Falsified Medical Records

Further to your e-mail of, an hour ago and NHS counsel's confirmation letter of today's date, I enclose the response, you asked, in order for the urgent matter to be resolved today, with the release of December 09 medical records.

,Enclosed is my surgeon and anaesthetist letter, 'to whom it may concern', of the Vale Hospital, Vale of Glamorgan, as you both know, had their request before His Honour Judge Cooke QC who refused to intervene which is why the operation has been delayed since June 2010.

Note the enclosed letter of both my anaesthetist and Barry GP have names redacted as this document is for publication on web site, http://www.kirkflyingvet.com/. BUT it has the Cardiff Crown Court stamp on it and is Exibit I at the shortly to be heard Criminal Court of Appeal hearing in England, well outside Wales, that takes preference to your local attempts to hide the truth.

The truth behind my medical state, my then being incarcerated under HM Prison 'care', when Dr Tegwyn Williams, under oppression of the Welsh Crown Prosecution (South Wales Police), whilst attempting to avoid a ridiculous 'machine gun' trial that was bound to fail, alone asked His Honour Judge Bidder QC, tape recorder carefully switched off and copy of court log refused, by HM Court Service, to have me locked away for life, yes, in Broadmoor without trial. 

My South Wales GP has confirmed again, today, their is nothing in my NHS records, for December 09 ,to date, referring to the 2nd December 09Crown Court medical evidence  or Dr Tegwyn Williams complete reversal of his evidence at in his hurriedly arranged Caswell Clinic meeting of 17th December 09 with the prosecution, South Wales Police in attendance.

An appliication ,today, therefore has been lodged with the Trial judge in the 19 year running civil action for damages, CF101741 + 8 others, for disclosure of those very medical records, I am told, will be found in the MAPPA minutes.

May I suggest you consider your own positions in this and stop pissing me about when you know truth that those medical records are still in existence as MAPPA Minutes that every Tom *** and Harry have read, so far, other than my surgeon  and anaesthetist, awaiting to operate, the patient's general practitioner, under whom I have his care and the suffering patient, moi...

In the interests of justice I suggest mutual agreement to adjoin this 'bus fares' petty debt claim until the outcome of the criminal hearing [ no 201004016C1], in London







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