Professor Roger Wood and Caswell Clinic Complaint to The British Psychology Society

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Yet another Royal Charter organisation with all its outdated anomilies see download and 25th January House of Lords meeting The following 2nd letter was sent following my visit to my doctor for yet more morphine

The British Psychology Society

13th January 2011

2nd letter

Dear Sirs,

Re Dr Tegwyn Williams, Dr Ruth Bagshawe and Professor Roger Wood

 A friend has written this for me and it may helps to see some simple information. Below is a letter 31 December 2010 sent to Dr Tegwyn Williams employers, the NHS except , on the occasion, in court I was neither under his care as someone else had employed him, in NHS time.  

 1) It appears to me that Prof Rodger Wood is re-writing his report to help cover up what I believe to be the serious wrong doing by Dr Tegwyn Williams as in my letter 31 December 2010 (copy below).

 2) Dr Tegwyn Williams said in Cardiff Crown Court, on 2 December 2009 (caught on transcript) that I had possible brain cancer with significant brain damage when it now appears, Dr Williams did not believe that to be true.

 3) That is seemingly dishonest and/or malicious comment and may potentially be sourced back as coming from Prof Rodger Wood.

 4) I believe Prof Rodger Wood re-wrote his report to hide that wrong doing. One point of evidence that Prof Wood re-wrote his September 09 report is that he refers to a retired Chief Constable who was not retired at the time of the report , retiring on 31st December 2009.

5) I both saw and read the original document whilst incarcerated in the hell of Caswell Clinic ,Bridgend.

6) Both Dr Williams and Prof Wood now try and run away from their false writings and will not clarify where they clearly tried to seriously prejudice my major legal case, trading in machine guns, that I won to their detriment.

 7) However both Dr Williams and Prof Wood now try and run away from their false writings and will not clarify, for their fellow professionals and employer, so that I cannot have my operation until my recent Wales anaesthetist and new French doctors know what is wrong regards cancer or brain damage.

8)Please can you urgently help so that I can have my operation? I am in very much pain and have been on higher doses of morphine for far too long so that the conduct of Prof Rodger Wood and Dr Tegwyn Williams puts my well being at risk.

 Please can you help?


Maurice J Kirk BVSc   (enclosed letter to NHS of 31st Dec 2010)

31st December 2010

 Missing Medical Records

 Dear Mr Sissling,

At present replies from the ABMU NHS regards Dr Tegwyn Williams avoid the critical issues. Here is one example to make it very clear

Dr Tegwyn Williams has been caught on court transcript on 2 December 2009 saying that I have brain cancer. He refuses to comment either way to clinical colleagues or myself regards his comments about my brain cancer which were said for a Court and other public authority to use. This prevents me having my hip operation. I am in terrible pain from your delay in dealing with Dr Tegwyn Williams.

As you will be aware, the news of Dr Tegwyn Williams conduct is increasingly known amongst public and patients, so that if you are unable to clear up this issue, the patient community is going to have such sound reason to avoid needed or essential care on the basis Dr Tegwyn Williams and his employers cannot be trusted. I believe that to be a fundamental failure in the duty of a public body and by public officials to carry out their obligations.

Do you think Dr Tegwyn Williams should tell Officials at Court that I have brain cancer, and then refuse to explain to me or my doctors?

I still cannot have my hip operation and am in despite pain. Please would you attend to this single issue without delay.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

52, Tynewydd Road

Barry CF62 8AZ




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