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Maurice Kirk's clinical psychology report presented in early September 2009. After reading this Maurice said: "It was like having my soul laid bare, albeit a bloody good read".
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West Wales is out! see DOWNLOAD
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The conclusion of this psychiatric report seems to suggest that Maurice Kirk is fit to plead but not fit to defend himself due to brain injury.
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Dolmans, Solicitors 8CF02269 Cardiff 30th October 2008 Kirk v South Wales Police 5 Court Actions of Police Harassment 7CF07345 Abuse of Process Application
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Maurice's documented response to the forensics listed on page 6 of the 'Interim Psychiatric Report August 2009 Caswell.pdf'
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An interesting and revealing examination of Maurice Kirk's character. Maurice himself was engrossed in this account of himself. His main complaint in terms of its content concerns the forensic list...
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A mind boggling read. This document reveals the great effort (and cost) to which the CPS and South Wales Police are pursuing their case against Maurice Kirk. An investigation that began with something...
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This police document reflects on that horrific but permanent mind damaging experience, in a Welsh psychiatric prison, while South Wales Police senior officers, at MAPPA Bridgend HQ were planning in the...
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Download is self-explanatory for such an evil bunch while their past respected parliamentary representatives turn in their graves.
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Each application to court is ignored by judges in Wales and RCJ, London.
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