16 Years Fighting the 'Royal Prerogative' protecting Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and other HM Partnerships

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Date Added : 05-29-2008

Dolmans, Solicitors 8CF02269 Cardiff

30th October 2008

Kirk v South Wales Police

5 Court Actions of Police Harassment 7CF07345

Abuse of Process Application




Maurice Kirk said:

3rd October 2008 In Cardiff court I heard the judge say that the 4th Action against the welsh police cannot be joined with the first 3 Actions, going to trial in May. which year is dobtful. because the judge, to be brought in from another circuit because they all refuse it be heard in ENgland,England, England, will not be able to manage a trial of 200+ incidents that will prove a conspiracy and /or simple police harassment.....see Downloads
10-04-2008 12:21

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