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Just who is going to cave in first by handing over my medical record, used in Crown Court last year to keep me in prison, having failed to shoot me when they had the chance?
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I have had help to read this document, between the juggling of my medication, but I have not been able to finish it yet. My notice has been drawn to a page missing, a clerical error possibly? This tale...
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This typical of the day by day antics in Cardiff's courts and NHS (Wales)
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2.10pm Maurice, unable to cope with conditions in court, relies on the 'famous five' to withstand the onslaught of a classic example of a typical cartel of lawyers, in British courts, displaying...
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Dolmans, Solicitors 8CF02269 Cardiff 30th October 2008 Kirk v South Wales Police 5 Court Actions of Police Harassment 7CF07345 Abuse of Process Application
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IN THE CROWN COURT AT CARDIFF Indictment No T20097445 3rd September 2009 Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE VOSPER QC _____________________ REGINA -v- MAURICE KIRK _____________________ MR R TWOMLOW appeared on behalf...
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Dear Sir, CRAZY AS A BOX OF FROGS R -v- T2009 7445 KIRK
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A mind boggling read. This document reveals the great effort (and cost) to which the CPS and South Wales Police are pursuing their case against Maurice Kirk. An investigation that began with something...
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