South Wales Police Skeleton Argument for next week's Civil Action

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Date Added : 08-30-2010

I have had help to read this document, between the juggling of my medication, but I have not been able to finish it yet. My notice has been drawn to a page missing, a clerical error possibly? This tale, so far, apparently relies on a somewhat 'cavalier approach' by the Defence, in avoiding the truth as to what actually happend at each incident but far more importantly, the motives behind both parties' conduct.

Aesop Fables or Enyd Blyton's 'Tales of Toy Town' could, possibly, have influenced its creation. We shall see.




Meirion said:

Of course, the man in the street is always told that a Police Officer always tell the truth. A Police Officer is trained and expected not to tell the truth but protected by the Crown. Could the Acting Chief Inspector Davies of Barry Police Station referred to in Paragraph 76 Page 25 or even PS Davies of Bridgend Police Station referred to in Paragraph 266 Page 76 be former Chief Inspector Phill Davies. The same Phill Davies ex SW Police, Ticketing Office, ex Manager of The South and Mid Wales Safety Camera Partnership and now Manager with Swansea Council.
08-30-2010 21:20

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