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Bugger, transcript is too big a file and full of goodies.....must learn how to shrink or divide The machine gun file will be 10 times this size when we publish How do I modify ,please?
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This typical of the day by day antics in Cardiff's courts and NHS (Wales)
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Dolmans, as Barbara Wilding's private lawyer, funded by the tax payer, fabricated this witness statement. in 2009, in order to get me jailed for nearly eight months. Dolmans also, at the time, advised...
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Details later
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This police document reflects on that horrific but permanent mind damaging experience, in a Welsh psychiatric prison, while South Wales Police senior officers, at MAPPA Bridgend HQ were planning in the...
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MAPPA manipulation on those who dare question 'the State' will 'ave 'im.....see just a simple DOWNLOAD record of the day to day evilness in some parochial back water, called South Wales...
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HELP NORMAN CAMPAIGN A Den of Evil - Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth in court 28/6/2011 World War 2 veteran, of HMS Standfast sinking of the Scharnhorst and campaigner against the corruption in English...
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Come watch the decietful Welsh juudiciary in action...see current blog of outcome and, instead come to 29th July 2011 court of Appeal hearing in cardiff civil Justice centre and realy see the proverbial...
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Para 1. In this magistrates case it was done by a local solicitor on the Applicant's behalf, he being in France recovering from major surgery The High Court judge was deliberately misled by HM Court...
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